Sunday, December 7, 2014


Amazing, an event that ultimately  changed all our lives; those of the  then living and everyone today took place  on a Sunday morning 73 years ago today. I am referring to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
I scanned three papers this morning and listened to the   TV news and found not one reference to that date. How quickly we forget. Not even the New York Times had one single word.

Instead the papers are full of crime news, terrorist attacks, stories of campus rapes either true or false and popular individual’s sexual misconduct.

Dec. 7 1941 marked the end of our isolationism, a policy that those who would advocate White Christian supremacy strive to go back to today and make it our national status.

The ability as a nation to protest the Grand Jury Findings in Ferguson Missouri, and Staten Island would not exist. Instead if pre-WWII atmosphere was the mode of the day there would have been military suppression of every march even if peaceful.

To digress, today Dec. 7, 2014 is a landmark day in as much that for the first time since the end of the Civil War Reconstruction days there will not be a Democrat Senator from a Southern State in the new Congress. The Louisiana incumbent went down to defeat in Saturday’s runoff election.

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  1. Hi "olddoc," I'm glad to share that the Wall Street Journal had a front page photo of a memorial service aboard the USS Arizona attended by survivors of the day. Angelo