Friday, December 12, 2014


If your health insurance was obtained through an exchange provider You have only until 11: 59pm Pacific Time (2:59 am Tuesday) to change your policy or provider. 

Since New Jersey is a Federal Exchange your present policy has an automatic renewal. However there may be changes in the policy resulting in increased costs.

Some noted are large increases in ER deductibles or supposedly some 75% of NJ Plans have some premium increase. You should read the small print to know what you do have.

Your policy may also cost more since as of Jan. 1 2015 by law Federal subsidies for exchange provided policies will expire. Also, and this is being challenged before the Supreme Court with a ruling expected in June, the tax rebates as the law  is written only apply to State sponsored exchanges. 

Information about all 2015 plans can be had  at:

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