Monday, March 31, 2014


“The die is cast” first uttered by Caesar when he crossed the Rubicon. Today it can refer to the eight Democrat candidates for one of the three contested Council seats.

Running as Regular Democrat Organization of Union County and on the official party line are Jerry Green’s personal selection for the local committee’s support; Diane Tolliver, Charles Eke, and Gloria Taylor. On the New Democrats for Plainfield slate are Rebecca Williams, Emmett Swan, and Charles McRae. Running as Independents are Siddeeq El-Amin in the 1st Ward and Rasheed Abdul-Haqq in the 3rd Ward.

Although I am not formally endorsing any specific candidate I will list them by the race that they have entered with some pro/con comments. You may and should take it from there. 

In the 1st Ward to succeed Bill Reid there are Diane Tolliver wife of former PMUA Commissioner and supporter of the million dollar gift, Alex Tolliver; Emmett Swan an relative new comer to the city as a condo owner in the Monarch and a “New Democrat; and Siddeeq El-Amin who has despite a history of long service to the Community marked by fallen into disrespect by the Party chair. Of the three he certainly seems to have the best qualifications.

To fill the unfilled 3rd Ward seat is the incumbent party appointee to fill Mapp’s post; Gloria Taylor. Rasheed Abdul-Haqq who had supposedly been the target of a Green’s Assembly bill prohibiting ex-jail inmates from holding a BOE position. Years of excellent public service did not erase a youthful mistake. Charles McRae the ‘New Dem” selectee has done exemplary service on several CBACs having served as chairperson, a true public servant.

There are only two candidates for the 2nd/3rd Ward seat; incumbent and advocate of the public interests; Rebecca Williams. Her opposition is Charles Eke who is on the PMUA Board and had been selected previous but unsuccessful by the Party as a Council candidate.

The next 8 weeks should be interesting ones that may give us bloggers much material if past competitive local campaigns have indicated. At stake is Jerry Green’s domination of the local government one that gave us Sharon

Although I wrote that I will not endorse any one candidate, I will not hesitate to note that which I feel to be positive or negative about any candidate.


  1. You just endorsed all your candidates with your favorable comments for your choices,and implied negative comments for the rest. It is not fair to link Diane Toliver with a decision that her husband made.

  2. 9:03 Read the 3rd paragraph. each and every one must judge by themselves and follow no blogger or party leader's dictates.

  3. Perhaps Diane Toliver should be judged on her own record. At this point she has none, and not very impressive either. The candidates to look at are Al-Amen and Swan. Toliver does not have the business sense to hold a council seat. We already have enough council members who don't get it. We don't need another.

  4. A fair question to ask her would be, did she also directly benefit from the illegal compensation paid to her husband, who would seem to be in hock to PMUA ratepayers to the tune of over $100,000? Not that they are alone in taking such leeway, laws or not.

  5. it would be nice to remove the super majority the RDO's have.... it would also be nice if the New Dem's could stop their waffling and simply support the best candidate... Not Jerry's choice after the primary.
    ... I know I know.. They'll swallow their pride, they'll swallow their tongue but they most definitely can't go against the Big Letter D even when the person with the seat stands against everyone of their princinples. FLEXIBLE.

  6. The more you observe politics, the more you've got to admit that each party is worse than the other.

    Will Rogers