Thursday, March 27, 2014


The public forum related to the Muhlenberg Campus plans was devoted to citizen comments.  None of the speakers uttered one word in favor of residential use. 

All desired expanded medical facilities there; ranging from an ER to expanded outpatient facilities offering all specialties and diagnostic services similar to the Summit Medical Group’s Berkeley Heights Campus.

A few spoke about the need for at least a short term in patient facility capable of treating and controlling life threatening situations. The need for specialized surgical elective procedures or long term care would not be a requirement in a stage one hospital.

I unfortunately had to leave before Dottie G. who has been one of the most dedicated leaders in the campaign to restore medical services on site gave what I am sure was a complete summary of what had transpired, what we need  and desired.

The next two meetings should be more informative since the consultants will hold a Q&A session plus communication some of their preliminary thoughts.


  1. Hello Dr Yood, I understand Dottie is a friend but I hope you can print this. First let me just say, whatever I do or say in respect to JFK’s proposal for a 600 unit apartment complex in my neighborhood is only because I am so passionate about maintain the of quality of life that I now enjoy and the reason I purchased my home in this neighborhood. Truly, I don’t need praise or glory, that’s not my purpose. I just want to stop JFK and whoever sides with them in their efforts to destroy my neighborhood. I want to make clear one thing and not to take anything away from Dottie and her efforts to keep Muhlenberg open, she certainly should be applauded for that; however, let us not forget she was on the committee with our last Mayor when JFK initially presented their plan to build a 600 unit apartment complex on the Muhlenberg site and she made no effort to send out emails informing the community or show any opposition to JFK’s plan. That was, until I and a few of my neighbors stated informing the community by knocking on doors, handing out flyers and organizing a community meeting. The fact is, when JFK starting having community meetings presenting their proposal Dottie appeared to be in favor and sided with Adam Beader and other JKF representatives . Let’s not confuse the two, yes she was very instrumental in her efforts to keep the hospital open, but initially, not so much when it came to speaking out in opposition to JFK’s plan to have the property developed into 600 unit apartment complex. Also, her long and faithful relationship with Jerry Green is always questionable.

    Robin Bright

  2. Robin, I am afraid you do not know Dottie She had from the beginning fought against th closing of the hospital and actively tried to have a substitute entity in situ. Her participation on the sham oversight committee was an appointment to try to give the appearance of legitimacy by those who had no intentions to have JFK live up to its obligations.

    A hospital on site is Dottie's passion.