Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Prep for diagnostic tests today took up what time I had reserved yesterday for writing an incisive blog for today. It is true that most of my evening time was involved in watching a TV program, a rarity.

Some readers have complained that I was endorsing various candidates in my blog yesterday. I tried to point out that I was posting both plus and minuses about each candidate and that it was up to the voter to make a decision based on all the information he/she could put together.

Democracy fails when the voters blindly follow a party boss’ directions.

That said, I will make some comments that I hope people will take into consideration . 

I fail to find one factor about the three candidates on the Regular Democrat line that suggest that any of them have sufficient qualifications to fill the role of Councilors except that all are loyal Green party members. We have our fill of them on the Council.

On the other hand; Rebecca Williams has demonstrated during her term that she is not a “Yes” person and votes as she feels is in the community’s best interests.

Similarly both El-Amin and McCrae have been involved in civic affairs; El-Amin having served on the Police force for many years and in the Fury administration as Director of Public Affairs and Safety, as well as being involved in the education of pre-school children.

McCrae service on the Council’s Citizen Budget Advisory Committee (CCBAC) has been recognized as outstanding by his peers, as well as his involvement in neighborhood affairs at thee Muhlenberg situation.

For years I had been an admirer of Abdul-Haqq for what he has done in his life after a disastrous beginning. He has initiated many actions which have improved the city including in shaming the railroad to repair and repaint the deteriorating bridges.

I felt that he was the victim of a vendetta which cause him to resign from the school board. However I fell that in the last few years too much of his efforts have been spent with “King Maker” Campbell opposing Jerry.

Regarding Swan; I know very little about him except that he is a relatively newcomer to our city. That in its self is not disqualifying, but he has to produce more information why he should be elected. There is 8 weeks to do so.

I am sure many of you think otherwise and I will print your comments if they are within the limits of propriety.

I will also post as a blog any comments that any of the candidates would like to make, reserving the right as blog owner to make my own commentary.

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  1. Ok... let's round up the election cycle AGAIN.
    Primaries... plenty of mud slinging by Dems with the New Dems simply stating facts.
    Primary Over: New Dems SUDDENLY RALLY behind the Democratic Oligarch and his appointees, I mean, choices for a free election that were given upon consent of the local party representatives and the New Dem's and Dem's are screaming Koumbaya to the hills.
    2 Weeks after the election: New Dem's, much like Charlie Brown after falling for Lucy with the football again, are standing in the corner, kicking the dirt wondering how Jerry and his cronies on the city council can not even wrap their mind around getting along to move the city forward.
    There you go... I'd say I'm psychic, but it's simply repeating history.