Monday, March 3, 2014


This is being written Sunday pm when it is still a question if we to 6are going to have up to 3”, 3 to 6 inches, or up to a foot of snow on the ground by meeting time Monday night.

If there is only a minimal snow fall there will be a meeting of the Council no matter how bad the parking conditions around the Court House are. The impact on attendance especially that of the older population has never been a concern of Council.

That may be true for this particular agenda fixing session which is loaded with old discarded horses.

Under Discussion items there is once again the Legal Shield request for payroll deductions. Which I thought despite strong public objection to such an accommodation; had been settled by a feel good non-binding resolution from the Council at the last meeting recommending that Administration authorize such a policy.  Yet for the third month it is back.

Also under the discussion items is one about an Ordinance transferring the parking lot and other property to the Housing Authority for a housing development? There is also a developer with interest in the property.

Once again the rejected resolution  to contract with the Roger Group and its allies to prepare the Police Department for certification as  a fully accredited law enforcement agency; certified by the New jersey State Chiefs of Police Association.

This is a meaningless piece of paper at a cost of now $69,016.00 to satisfy egos. If we had a proper operating Police Department structured under the operational control of a Police Chief instead of a “civilian director” whose function should be policy setting, oversight, and public interfacing there would be need to purchaser a “certificate”. 

The question should be why has this new administration not started the steps to correct the political action that eliminated the Chief’s position? A strongly structured department free of political influence would be preferable to what is really a meaningless piece of paper.

The good included a resolution authorizing $581259.00 for a new Class a Fire Pumper.

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