Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TUESDAY 3/18/14

Despite a hiatus in March Madness, Dawg and appointments have occupied too much of the available hours to go to the Library and research agenda items. We hope to do that Tuesday afternoon for Wednesday's blog.

 The news  from  the Plainfield Democrat Party Committee's Friday's meeting reminds me that Green once excoriated me for referring to him as the local party Boss.  But then again in Plainfield the  terms Democrat and Democracy  are oxymorons

Although I  believe that the net result of the ACA will  be a deterioration in overall medical care, I would urge those who have not yet signed new contracts attend the meetings and act accordingly.
Although there have been an unexpected substantial number who would risk this years penalty not being insured because of the high cost; those of low income levels especially Medicaid acceptable or subsidy recipient seriously consider buying insurance.

Examples of lower standards of care are greater limitations on participating providers-doctors and hospitals; limitations  on choice of medications especially in the mental disease areas where some drugs are effective and others may not be although all are designed to treat the same condition.

The human brain is not a computer algorithm.

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  1. Doc -- for those of us who don't qualify for assistance, the insurance numbers are unaffordable.

    My example.

    premium = $1,200 a MONTH (my age and coverage needs)
    with a $4500 deductible

    that means
    14,400 for insurance
    4,500 out of pocket before insurance pays

    That means $28,900 out of pocket for "insurance".

    Almost $30,000 is more than 30% of my net income.

    And this is "affordable"? -- maybe if you're an illegal with free care or someone on welfare.

    Putting money in your own fund, paying as you go, and paying the penalty (tax) is a cheaper alternative, which I am going to take.

    This is NOT insurance. It's extortion.

    Socialism doesn't work -- I don't care what anyone says. Those being bled for taxes, rising costs for everything -- the well is dry. It's not sustainable.