Monday, March 24, 2014


Not quite a lost weekend; great basketball games. I find TV watching to be the best soporific and slept through much of each game. Most of the time I saw the last 5 minutes of every one; the best time

March 24 is a special day that few know. 69 years ago it was the date of the last and the greatest airborne operation of WWII code name "Varsity". There is a great article in Wikipedia (here) (

Of course I have personal memories of that day; one is about being thankful that the Jeep I was sitting in had a steel floor. That was because it was in a glider and that floor was just plywood which offered little protection from the barrage of AA fire just below..

Putin and the Russian grab of the Crimea is too reminiscent of 75 years ago and Hitler; first with the Saar region and the West Bank ,then Austria and  next the Sudetenland all with the promise that there would more land grabs.We know what happened and that is why I was where I was  on March 24.
Meanwhile they have not found that plane


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  1. As far as Russia goes . . . You ain't seen nothin' yet!