Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TODAY'S POTPOURRI with corrections

Potpourri; a mishmash of various subjects which can also be described with various synonyms: of which the one I like the most is “salmagundi”. That term perhaps best describes today’s blog.

I have often referred to Plainfield as OZ; and justifiably so. Once again the Council for unspecified reason rejected a temporary budget designed to keep the city operating until the “true Budget for 2014 is approved.

Once again the Council has as Councilor Reid remarked that the Councilors have little understanding how a budget should work contracted with; sought outside help. This time instead of a Consultant familiar with Plainfield they chose a consultant firm. At the regular meeting they seemed to have no knowledge who would be serving them.

Even more OZian; Council Chairperson Reid that guardian of how the city spends its money, Council Chairperson Reid, remarked that he had to go over the temporary budget with the consultant before he could vote on it.

Three things about that temporary budget ;( 1) the State approved 2014 budget supersedes any temporary budget. Of course the final budget is compromised by funds already expended. (2) The Council has the power to amend it prior to approval. Of course that would take a ¾ majority vote. (3) If Council woman Brown had been present those that were unhappy about the some items would have had the votes to change them.

There is one repetitive theme running through Plainfield’s governmental organizations and that is insensitivity. Would Council schedule a meeting on Sunday morning?

Turning to greater OZ; there are well intentioned regulations made by State authorities or committees. As you know Dawg has recently joined my household.  Contrary to popular custom; like a law abiding resident I went to get his license. However, I was rebuffed by state rules. 

Although Dawg has had all his shots including rabies last July 1, 2013 the law states that there must be at least 10 months of protection left during the year. That means that no rabies vaccination prior to 11/1/13 would be acceptable.

Question, can anyone estimate how many unlicensed dogs there are in Plainfield?

For those who care; my thought about the missing 777 is that there was a sudden decompression of air causing loss of consciousness (and death) of every one on the plane including pilots before oxygen masks could be deployed. 

The plane was on autopilot, the turn having been started just before the incident.

Remember the flight of the golfer’s jet several years ago.

Any gallimaufry would not be complete without something about the ACA. I am reminded by the report that the Supreme Court will again here hear arguments; this time specifically whether the owners of a business who contrary to their religious beliefs MUST provide insurance that included the required birth control provisions.   

Disregarding the suit itself which could end up in a ruling that the policies must make that provision available to those who want it One must understand that once again the ACA’s supporters have misstated facts by saying the mandated policies must among other things, provided for birth control at no extra cost.

The truth of the matter is that the carriers include all possible costs as determined by actuarial study into the premium. The cost is in there even for those who have no desire or need for that coverage.

Once again the government in its effort to get 90+% insurance coverage has made a misrepresentation of facts.

The times article: (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/25/us/contraception-ruling-could-have-reach-far-beyond-womens-rights.

Local question; how many if any of our schools are protected with sprinklers?



  1. Reid so concerned about the budget. How about paying your taxes Mr. Reid?

    And, it is curious as to why all of a sudden the council cares about the budget. They never cared about it before. And, how scary is it that we have a council with members who admit to knowing nothing about finances? The issue is not that they do not know about finances, the issue is that they do nothing to educate themselves. Maybe this year they have a consultant, but this is the first in 8. What gives?

  2. I just got back from my Dr.. When I took my checkbook out they said oh no, no charge and no copay. Something to do wht the Affordable Care Act- I'm not clear what but I have an extra 178.42 in my purse not someone else's

    There are so few good dog owners in the city- many keep these beautiful animals outside all year to provide some sort if status or protection. Shots? Licence?? I could not get any responce from anyone in the city to help with a puppy pit bull on a chain you could have held an elephant with, and was so short the pup could hardly sit up. After month of complaining to no avail the house was raided for drugs and the dog was left for several days with whom to take care of it?

    I don't know Doc...OZ seemed to me to be a nice place, maybe you should pick a town from Dickens...
    Thanks for always being there in the morning!

  3. 11:37AM.Do you know that Reid has not paid his taxes? I have no knowledge of such a fact, other that he was on the delinquent list several years ago,but I believe that he settled his debt.

  4. Doc, Bridget Rivers is the Council chairperson Bill Reid chairs the Committee of the Whole.

  5. According to records, the last time Reid paid taxes was second quarter of 2013, however, he did not pay the second quarter in full. This info is as of 3/17/14. He owes over $4,000.

  6. well Anonymous at 10:41 I think I'll save Bill Reid from having to reply to your information... " IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME NOT PAYING MY TAXES THEN YOU CAN JUST MOVE ."

    --- I hope I did it with as much style and eloquence as we've come to expect from you Bill Reid.

  7. To 4:01M - What was I thinking? Thank you - I appreciate you putting me back on track. I feel much better now that the situation has been resolved

  8. Dotti ,you are as usual so correct. Somehow in Oz I had promoted Rivers to Council President, and Reid Chairman of the Council as a Whole.