Friday, March 28, 2014


Family has an incomparable priority over a special meeting which should have never been needed.

Despite claims of a willingness to cooperate with administration to date the RDOs have shown little indication to do so. 

It will be interesting to know what changes the Council's Finance Subcommittee   recommends, since Councilor Storch has not been  invited to all the meetings.

But the New Dems themselves have not been lily white in financial matters such as the Temp. Budget.

However, I am afraid that Reid and associates have aborted any attempt of cooperation this month with their shenanigans with the temporary budget, and the new resolution for the special session which would negate the approved transfer of unexpended balances  of the Capital Fund to the General Fund. This seems to have blindsided some Council members.

This could be an most interesting meeting that would cause acute conflict with the sweet sixteen; but neither can trump family. 

9:45 am: I have heard rumours that Councilwoman Brown will also miss this meeting. Five votes are needed to adopt the temporary budget and perhaps  to rescind the transfer of funds. 

Five votes are needed to amend the submitted  temporary budget. If not amended will the old line approve it as received? 

The Mayor may have to call an emergency Council meeting  to avoid the City being unable to pay wages or bills; a shutdown.

Are Council and Administration playing chicken at our expense?

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