Monday, March 17, 2014


Now that Championship is over and the Hoos have a #1 seed in the big dance it is time to return to the real world if one can call OZ part of the real world.

I have looked at the 50 resolution plus two ordinances agenda for Thursday’s meeting and will read the support material early this week in time to comment.

The number of resolutions expanded from those approved for the agenda on the 3rd due to 14 added by the Corporation Counsel and 9 new items.

Five of the Corporation Counsels new resolutions are to award contracts as Litigation Defense Counsels and four for Workman’s Compensation Counsel. It could seem that there is a hell of a lot of litigation against the city however by the size of the contract limitations only two are expected to work most of the cases.

It should also be understood that the contracts should have an hourly compensation clause, and although the wording of the resolution reads not to exceed addition remuneration for difficult cases is always awarded.

Since those involved in Workman Compensation Cases are paid by the “third party administrator” the true cost to the city is not known. 

However I am sure that legal fees are reflected in our mandatory contributions to the fund.

Of the nine new resolutions one has to do with the adoption of a temporary budget and one authorizing the introduction of the 2014 budget. If earlier discussions are an indication there will be remarks on the temp. budget from the RDs.

One of the new resolutions honoring an individual is being presented to spite the Mayor.  There are so many of these honorary resolutions presented that they are really worthless in meaning.

Why the Council would even consider another resolution  for Consulting services to the Roger’s Group and for ongoing agreements with vendors at an annual cost for an ego satisfying 

Certification that must be reapplied for after the third year at an almost 7K cost above the  one rejected  last year is beyond comprehension.

There are other and better ways to improve our Police Department that are not even being considered. I believe that the Edison Police Department which has had so much publicity in the news is a holder of this Certification.

Because there is 400k available in the “Forfeiture Fund” it need not be given in Soprano State tradition to favorites. Let the new Director of Public Safety study better uses for those funds.


  1. Virginia being a #1 is definitely in the land of oz.

  2. 2:44 pm, Sounds like you went to Duke and that great sportsman Coach K. influenced you.