Sunday, February 5, 2012


Monday night’s special meeting to pass a resolution requesting the moving of the School Board electio date from May until the November general election is scheduled at 7 PM. The Agenda Setting Session is scheduled to start at 7:30 PM. Prior starting about 6:30 PM will be an Executive Session of the Council.

This is closed to the public. Some of the agenda items may provoke long discussions. If so both the regularly scheduled and special meetings will be delayed .

One item of the executive session, which will not be made public until the minutes are approvedis approval of a settlement(?) of an unknown action by NJEPO against the City for violations at the City Hall Annex, Public Works, and Police Hdqs.

.Another item that may delay the meeting to take place only in executive session is a discussion of the possibility of a violation of title 2 C of the criminal code and or title 4 A of the administrative code I.

There is still a Rice hearing scheduled which I believe to be at the requested of one of the principles involved in the WBLS. Incident. I know these items will not be open to public discussion until the minutes are released and certain elements sanitize .

It is anticipated that the special meeting to move the election date for the Board of Education will pass without any sustained discussion and then the regular agenda setting session will immediately convene.

The first item is a communication from the Mayor for appointments to the PMUA.… Of interests in this communication is the fact that she seems to have rewarded the the Commissioners who voted for the “excessive severance pay” to the former Director and Assistant Director of PMUA. Commissioner Brokaw was not reappointed and the Authority President Harold Mitchell was only reappointed as an alternate member of the board. Malcolm Dunn and Alex Tolliver presently on the board are reappointed. For a full- membership Wilbert Gill, and Cecil Sanders Jr at present an alternate member; would become new full members of the board. Sanders as an alternate voted in favor of the Golden Parachute. Remaining on the board is the mayor’s minister, Rev.Taylor

Under Discussion/Action items: a YMCA presentation on shared services, a proposed ordinance limiting hours of late night eateries., and a meeting with the commissioners of the PMUA. This may take some time.

Under Unfinished Businees is 10 minuites allotted for the status of the “ShotSpotters” and I am sure the cameras.

Interesting Resolutions include one authorizing the appointment of David Spaulding to serve as a public agency compliance officer. This is of interest because Mr. Spaulding authoring the resolution appointed himself which was approved by Director of Administration and Finance Restaino..

In view of Mr. Spaulding's role in the WBLS reimbursement affair that in the duties of the compliance officer this seems to be a unique proposition.

A Resolution awarding the contract to the Cousing and Community Development Services Incorporation as consultants to a comprehensive housing assistance program in the amount of $63,000 .What does the program do and why do they need consultants?

There are three resolutions to reject bids for: photograph services, videography services, and media services. There is no notation of how many bids were received, orthe problems in the support material which is onlyjust generic in nature.

The purchase of 40 armor vests lease division the state contract at $796.20 each exceed $31,006.74.

A Resolution to contract TNM Associates for engineering services for the Police Complex generator and “UPS (?) systems” not to exceed $29,000. Apparently the main generators been out whether with the time of the October snowstorm or before that when a temporary generated trailer is supply power to the police station in emergencies

The finally one is a contract for $71432.03 to a Spokane Washington contractor (not local) but is an approved state vendor for facility upgrades to the Joe Black Junior baseball field concession stand.


  1. This is a final appeal to the members of the Plainfield City Council to use this opportunity having the PMUA Commissioners before them tomorrow night to query them regarding the basis of the Watson - Erwin claims, and the rationale for awarding these men $1,000.000.

    The obvious questions are a follows:

    1. When did the Commissioners first
    receive notice of the condition that formed the basis of the claim?

    2. How was the notivce presented; in writing, or orally and to whom was it submitted?

    3. Did the notice provide a period of time in which the Commissioners were compelled to remediate the grievance?

    4.How did the Commissioners respond to the complaint, if in fact there was a complaint?

    5. Upon receiving the complaint, if there was such a complaint, did the Commissioners eek legal guidance? If so, what were they advised.

    6. Waht were the dates af any written correspondenc preceedin, and up to. the Agtreement between the parties to submit the dispue to Arbitration/

    7. On what date did Watson and Erwin submit their notices of resignation?

    8. Whay did the Commidsoeners accede to a partial settlement of $275,000 and leave the door wide open to a a continuation of the claim rather than withholding any payment pending of final resolution?

    9. What were thre cicumstances that persuaded 3 of the Commissioners to accept the settlement offered by the Plaintiffs?Plaintiffs?

    10. Perhaps more important, what were the circumstances that convinced Ms. Browkaw and Mr. Mitchel to vote against a settlement?

    If the City Council conducts an inane interview with the Commissioners they are complicit in this travety.

    In any event, and notwithstanding the Council's performance tomorrow, you are encouraged to sign the petition to the Governor, and to OPT OUT of the PMUA solid waste collection in protest of this misappropriation ( polite word )of YOUR MONEY.

    Bill Kruse

  2. Shady Sharonda, we can see how she works and she is the dirtiest and most dishonest politician I've seen in Plainfield in my 30+ years here. It will be good to see her out of Plainfield and county politics. She is Plainfield's Christy Whitman and that's no compliment.

  3. Is it true that there is nepotism and conflict of interest with the PMUA lawyer Leslie London and Dave Ervin who are said to be related? I hope the council asks this question. The mayor's pastor is named Rev. Brown. She is taking a petition around because Green is running her for the citywide council seat that Annie McWilliams now has. He may as well run the mayor for that seat. This smells bad.

  4. The Governor is holding a town hall meeting in Westfield at 9:45 on Wednesday morning at the Armory. Hopefully some Plainfield residents will go and ask him for an update, or perhaps update him that it appears the Mayor is apparently in cahoots with the gentlemen that voted in favor of this PMUA settlement. Perhaps name the city council members who vote in favor of seating these people to the proposed positions as well.

    I'd go, but I can't afford to take the day off in order to keep paying the ripoff property taxes that are paying for the corruption in this town

  5. At February 5, 2012 1:48 PM, those are some serious allegations and one if proved would be a MAJOR problem for the PMUA. You see Attorney London has her signature all over the settlement agreements. Prove your allegations and the decks will come falling down.

  6. Responding to the party who suggested that we prove the case. We are trying. The PMUA is stonewalling. They have refused to identify the basis of the claim. This is why we have been asking the Council that they in their dialogue tomorrow night with the PMUA interrogate them with regard to this entire matter.. We also sent a suggested agenda to the Council for the meeting tomorrow and were advised that the agenda which the Council has established DOES NOT INCLUDE THE MILLION DOLLAR INCIDENT. Can yoiu believe that? We have OPRA'd the most recent Settlement Agreements made between the PMUA and individuals on other matters. What the PMUA does is to incorporate a CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE into the settlement agreement which prohibits both parties from revealing any information. How do you like those apples? In some instances it reads that no information may be revealed by the Board of PMUA get this..UNTIL THEY (THE COMMISSIONERS) THINK IT WOULD BE OF BENEFIT TO THE PUBLIC! You have to understand how stupid the pubic is ( that means you and me )and how much wiser are the Commissioners. They know what is best for you and me.
    The Mayor, part of the Council and the Commissioners are all on the same page. How do you get through that lineup? You have 2 minutes to say your peace at PMUA meetings. You might as well go talk to the moon. That is why we are seeking intervention from the Governor. The only form of protest available to the average guy is to sign the Governor's petition and to OPT OUT. They put you through a bit of an exercise, but it can be done with a small effort. If you really want to give them a wake up call go down to 127 Roosevelt and get, or go on line and get, the Opt Out from the PMUA website..

    Tomorrow night we will find out if some of the members of the Council have the courage to ask some probing questions. Bill Kruse