Monday, February 6, 2012


"Anyone who does not understand the utter cynicism of politics does not understand politics." -- Thomas Sowell

An anonymous reader wrote in response to "Burney's" letter and subsequent comments "
" How is all of this helping Plainfield? Doesn't seem to me that it is. What we need is a real leader who will forgo the political party bologna (really does it matter in local politics?)and really care about Plainfield - not the party."

He has hit on the crux of the problem. At the Municipal level there truly is no place for the national political parties. Unfortunately that is not absolutely true.

It is too often that funds from the National , State, and County levels are allocated according to the political support from the communities applying for the aid. If the powers that be in a community are not dedicated to support the political affiliation of those in power what chance would they have to receive benefits. Patronage is not limited to individuals but also involves grass roots "political" units such as a city, village, township, etc.

However, in our community where there is a one party rule with a strong inner structure we can see the cynicism of the leaders who appoint their friends , their religious leaders, their relatives to commissions, boards and even menial jobs that pay. We see the recycling of the same people through different positions. We also see the denial of "influence" when it may be controversial.

That is the danger of a local political boss system. Since we can not be apolitical, those who would truly wish to change the system must work within the system. Numbers count.

Perhaps we may see some cracks in the wall at the Council meeting.

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  1. Judging by the amount of money that isn't flowing to Plainfield...rocking the boat in a slightly different direction would not seem cause for worry. How much are we getting from Union County for the Park Madison Complex and the free parking on weekends ??????