Friday, February 10, 2012


Rather than another posting about Monday night's Council meeting I would suggest reading the last three again. Be sure to read the comments and then if you wish add  your thoughts to this blog.

The BOE/PSS and PMUA situations are so basic to Plainfield's problems , as is the Personal rule cult that the Mayor operates on that it is time for the  standby public to actively intervene.

WE should have a copy of next Monday's agenda tonight and have comments up at the latest on Sunday.


  1. I see that not to many of the fine people commenting on your blog have the courage to own their statements!

  2. That includes you Blackdog!

  3. ANONYMOUS 10:34, Did you sign your name?. I agree that a pseudonym is skirting the issue but it is better than nothing and gives a sense of identity which anon does not.

  4. I disagree Doc, there is NO difference. We don't know who he is. It is not "better" as you suggest, actually it's worse.

    Blackdog was being critical of people that don't sign their names, not me. His comment, and his actions (by not signing his name), are hypocritical.

    He says they don't have courage, neither does he.

    Annon 10:34