Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Monday's meeting started on time , if you accept 8:08pm. However, once again after some housekeeping items and a delightful ceremonial performance by a young 12 year old self-assured girl , Havana Terborg, reciting Mary McLeod Bethune's "What does American Democracy Mean to Me" In honor of Black History Month, the Council went into Executive Session and did not reconvene until 9PM.

Somewheres,I believe, in a NJ Court ruling or perhaps hidden in the 'Rules of Order" is the concept that a scheduled Public Meeting should start on time and not be interrupted for a closed executive session. At the least both impingements on the public time is an unconscionable discourtesy.

Once again a technical but inconsequential deviation from parliamentarian procedures occurred when Administration "withdrew" a series of resolutions. Once they are on the agenda Administration can do no more than request that they be tabled either indefinitely or for a definitive period of time. The Resolutions at that point of time belong to the Council and any action is its prerogative.The matter is not of earth shaking importance but as the Council has remarked; procedure and rules should be followed.

During public comments before action on the Resolutions several speakers spoke against the Council giving its approval to a revised slate of Commissioners recommended by the Mayor.

It was pointed out that a recommendation for appointment was for one of the two individuals who PMUA Chairman Mitchell had inferred to have made the agreement without the Board's authorization to pay the two "retired" executives almost a million dollars in terminal compensation. The others represented either patronage or nepotism.

The resolution needed 5 votes to be included on the agenda since it had not been discussed at the Agenda Setting Session. With only Reid, Grieves, Rivers and Mapp voting for it, it failed to be acted upon.

A Resolution that was reintroduced and adopted by a 5:2 vote, Storch and Williams voting no, was to provide funds for Rivers and Reid to attend the National League of Cities convention in DC. It is the hope of this blogger who felt that it should be on the agenda that Councillor Rivers will better understand her fiduciary responsibilities after attending this meeting.

A resolution authorizing an additional payment of$11,014.48 to the Independent Attorney Investigator for the WBLS payment incident passed by a 4:3 vote. The nays were Reid, Rivers, and Grieves.

Approval was given for appointments to the HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION,the SHADE TREE COMMISSION, and the PLANNING BOARD.

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