Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A chance remark by Director of Administration and Finance Restaino referring to "our most recent ex-CFO" revealed that once again Plainfield was without a require by law controller of finances.

In her two terms in office it appears that this is a preferable circumstance for the Mayor. The next question may be "how long City Administrator Berry will last?

An other item of distressing interest occurred when Corporation Counsel Williamson added items to be voted on next Monday. One was a sum of $26,000.00 to be paid to the "Special Corporation Counsel who represented the Mayor during the recent WBLS hearings.!!!

I fail to understand why we CITIZENS have to pay for the Mayor's legal services in an action by our fiduciary representatives to determine if there was any improprieties involved in that incident.
She is supposedly the Custodian of the City's assets. If the Mayor felt that she needed legal assistance in an investigation not launched against the City or one of its executives acting according to rules and regulations; then the legal fees should be her responsibility.

We do need an official explanation if this is to be approved =perhaps more later. See Correction POSTING


  1. Well Doc the council lawyer is being paid for. How much is his bills? I guess you will not ask that question.

  2. 2:31 Anon What a ridiculous comment. Of course the "independent investigator is being paid to find out if there was any misconduct. All of his bills have been paid by Council action howev er I believe there was some question about the latest one which is being reviewed.The Independent Investigator was working for the people of the city.If you are employed by the City I would expect you would want to b e paid. f you had to defend yourself from your employer's investigation I don't think your employer would be obligated to pay for your defense.