Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Tuesday, 2/28/2012 one week before Super Tuesday with multiple (10) state elections and/or caucuses to select delegates to the party conventions. However today's voting in Arizona and Michigan will go a long way towards determining if there will be a strong even predestined candidate for the Republican nomination.

We will watch with interest to see if the extreme right will dominate the party in these two states. he results may well determine if we will once again have a brokered convention instead of the stage show we have witness the last few presidential elections.

There has been some reader responses to the recent blogs in Plaintalker II and this one regarding the vague Solaris Plans regarding the MRMC property. all worth reading.

I am reprinting a response I wrote to a question that I received about what plan there could be to reopen a hospital

Maria, If this was a community of truly committed citizens , I would suggest that a Health Care Authority or Commission would be organized to investigate the establishment of a non-profit municipal supported hospital based in the newer portions of the Muhlenberg plant.

Funds would have to be raised by solicitation of area industry, merchants and and a annual levy (tax/) on all residents.Renters would have the annual fee monthly prorated in their rent.The landlord would be responsible for transmitting to the authority.

That would be the only way possible to even attract a hospital management entity which would be needed.

It could be possible in an ideal world, and would take an honest effort, but this is of course an impossibility in this community of self-interested groups and political parasites.

I have been reminded that the Mayor has appointed representatives to a state mandate Plainfield Health Consortium. This is not the type body to undergo any such enterprise. In fact by its nature it does not represent the city. The so called Community Physician member is a Scotch Plains based practitioner who operates a walk in multiple health center and is contracted by the city to supply needed medical services. He certainly can not be people oriented.

We need an independent group formed with Council and I hope the Mayor's blessing and support to initiate what may be a long term project. If by chance I could provide some worthwhile opinion I would be wiling to serve on a consultative basis.


  1. Dear Dr. Yood,

    I believe you have made a similar suggestion before and yet none of those who claim to be dedicated to bring back the hospital have step up to take your idea serioulsy, by now memory of a working hospital is fading or might belong to a few, thus organizing such a community/independent group will be more difficult. This is one observation.

    Observation two. There seems to be three issues with Muhlenberg, most likely even more:

    Solaris, its board and their role on the closure of the hospital.

    What to do with the site now that there is no organized group that can produce a solution to re-open the hospital.

    The community's health needs.

    While the three above are all interwined, we might be able to deal with them in a separate manner, tie the loose ends and still be able to solve this issue in a favorable way for Plainfield.

    What do you think?

  2. Maria, Question #1: Solaris is like the highwayman holding a gun to your head. No help there.
    #2: Plainfield should have been collecting taxes on the property that was not being used for the ER. Should not continue to pander Solaris.
    #3:The political forces that should have been concerned with the community health needs has no interest in helping.

  3. It is basically about centralizing services in a location agreeable to the monied clientele while maximizing profit and control!

  4. Dear Doc,

    Thanks for sharing your answer. #2 and #3 then will be the thing to focus on. Thanks!

  5. Blackdog is absolute right!