Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Bernice waxes philosophically in her blog today. I can reflect that on April 12 2008 almost 4 years ago I posted my first blog. It was fun because I am a frustrated columnist, and has been for almost forty years a frequent contributor to the Courier Opinion page. That is when the paper had a meaning to Plainfield.

With few exceptions I have posted at least one "blog" daily. But fresh subjects have become a rarity and it is most frustrating beating a tired old horse. That is the main reason there is often a delay in posting.

Aside to "Nasty"; Most of my sports viewing is limited to college basketball and football when my alma mater (BA40,MD43) is involved as well as some of March Madness. I also watch the Mets at times since I saw the original team play at the Polo Grounds. I was also a boyhood Brooklyn Dodger fan which of course even then made me anti-Yankees.

Over the past two decades there have been two Plainfield scholar-athletes who have attended my University with honor. T hat there have not been more represents a failure of our School System and its BOE. You all should be joining Maria in her crusade to improve our youth.

Having gotten this off my chest, I shall try to be constructive tomorrow, an important day.


  1. To the anon who bitched that I was ignorant about PHS graduates and were they went. I do not pay attention to the actual final destination of the graduates of PHS ; athletes or just students. I am sure there have been annually a few that go to major colleges or small schools of superior areas in education . I am sure that the author can't give me a list over a decade.

    However what I mentioned was that there were two and only two recruited by my University an educational leader with a high graduation rate among athletes.That there two who were "recruited" is a tribute to their commitment to learn while playing a sport. Besides today's young man going to Yale, how many others have filled that role?

  2. You are too dense for words! I cannot even believe you just wroter that crap.

    Here's a hint - check out the PHS Alumni Association's list of inductees. And trying taking your butt to the high school and look at the wall of plagues. Catch a game and stop making excuses as to why you chose not to support the youth of this community. Go see for yourself.

  3. Thank goodness, I have an admirer. I now know I am not wasting my time.