Saturday, February 11, 2012


If this blog had the capabilities of oral communication, which it hasn't, I would say that this morning I am speechless about a justified topic. Instead, I am wordless.

Most of the item son Monday's agenda with the exception of seven(7) Resolutions to be introduced as new wee discussed by our bloggers in comments related to the Agenda Setting Session. Of the seven in actuality five were topics last Monday

There had been no resolutions this past week for action on the Mayor's communications for approval of appointments to various boards, authorities (PMUA) and commissions. They are now being presented as Resolutions.

Perhaps in light of this weeks revelations regarding the "settlement" the appointment of new(?) PMUA commissioners will meet major resistance from the Councilors, especially those who are interested i a change in Commissioners philosophy of fiduciary responsibility to the people. There are those that will argue that this slate is more of the same.

It is noted that Malcom Dunn's name although in the Mayor's letter is not on the new Resolution. Perhaps that is because he was just appointed to fill an unexpired term and would not risk possible rejection.

One of the new Resolutions is a "ceremonial" one ,. of the other two one is a reintroduction of the Resolution authorizing attendance for two Councillors at the National League of Municipalities convention. It is worth serious reconsideration as I have indicated this past week.

The third is the appointment of a new CFO. I have not read the data and may not be able to before Monday , but according to Bernice it will be again for a part timer. If he is qualified that is better than the de-facto Mayoral role we have had.

Plaintalker II (Bernice) has a good report on the upcoming meeting and anything I write would be a poor duplication.

By the way although I am speechless today, I shall have my opportunity Monday.


  1. With our current administration seemingly unable to keep its fiscal house in order I would think a full-time CFO would be in order. I think any person hired would be worth the salary we have to pay and we need someone who will not be bullied by our self-important mayor.

  2. Any councilor who approves any of the commissioner's being presented for ratification does not fully comprehend how the PMUA operates. These are serious positions and ones in which have placed Plainfield in its current predicament. The council should not re-appoint or appoint any of the old regime. Tell the mayor to bring experienced professional who are looking to change the way the PMUA operates.