Tuesday, February 7, 2012


There is too much material from the Council's two plus meetings Monday night to discuss in one or two postings. It would be redundant to repeat what other have written except to present a different interpretation. Facts are facts although sometimes we read them differently than others.

With that in mind I hope you read the blogs of both Plainfield Today (Dan Damon) and Plaintalker II (Bernice) for their in depth report on the Special Meeting and the PMUA discussion at the regular Council session. I would call your attention to Alan Goldstein's comments under Bernice's PMUA report.

I am disturbed by PMUA Chairman (still) Mitchell's remarked that "Two new members of the Board of Commissioners independently and with the Commissioners approval negotiated the package settlement despite the sums if any were still undergoing arbitration. If his reference was to the two just appointed it is noteworthy that the Mayor in here communication to the Council has recommended both for new full terms in office. In that same letter she failed to recommend Brokaw for reappointment and Mitchel only as an alternate- a slap in the face.

There was a report from Director of Public Safety Hellwig on the stratus of the "ShotSpotter " program which had received Council approval for the use of grant money in the fall'

Apparently There has been a problem with the system units and its mounts on the utility poles which PSEG as well as Verizon have found to be of serious concern. The vendor is supposedly still i the process of revising its equipment but still has not met PSEG requirements especially as to wind resistance. Verizon was concerned with interference with its communication and FIOS lines. Supposedly the vendor is working on the problem.

Councillor Reid suggested that if the problem and delay is still on going that the grant-if it were not still too late-be used for other police security projects. With the doubtful value of the ShotSpotter program I would agree with Reid.

Damon reported on the YMCA shared services plug. Did some of the questioning from thew council suggest a desire to do away with the Recreation Division whose supervisor has repeatedly given the Council the finger.

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