Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My world may be paved with good intentions but for one more day I must postpone my followups on Health Care.
 Wednesday, Mark Spivey posted this story on his blog.
"Plainfield schools officials denounce criticism of assembly involving Nation of Islam members" 

While the story may appear to be much-a-do about nothing there may be facts that are most disturbing and be symptomatic about Plainfield.

I recently posted a blog about the Southern Poverty Legal Centers report on the presence of Hate Groups in America. The SPLC for 40 years has fought for victims of racial and religious  hate groups and  brought many to justice, The KKKs, theSkinheads,The Neo-Nazis, the militant "American Firsts" to name a few.

Last month it published a  list of over  1000 identified groups in the country. In breaking them down into categories SPLC identified one in Plainfield which at that time I chose not to name. That group is "The Nation of Islam" 

It is not on the list as a Muslim group but because its leader Farrakhan has been an outspoken Anti-Semite preaching hatred of Jews Its dogma has been one of racial and religious intolerance, one of Black racial supremacy reminiscent of the Nazi's White racial supremacy.. (see the link to Wikeperdia below)

Yet Plainfield High School Principal Brian Bilal is quoted as saying; "What hurts the most with this whole thing - and this is just me personally speaking - is that what makes America great is that you have choices, and one of those choices is religion ... but nowadays, if a person chooses the religion of Islam, often times they're frowned upon based on the actions of extremists - which is awful."----"The principal said he personally had not fielded complaints or concerns about the assembly, but recently became aware that someone sent interim Schools Superintendent Anna Belin-Pyles an e-mail claiming that the event featured Nation of Islam "recruitment'' and prayer.
"It's absolutely false,'' Bilal said. "And for someone to cause this type of commotion, to me it seems like a bias attack on the Nation of Islam.''

Did Principle Bilal attend the "assembly "? If there were separate "assemblies" for males and females doesn't that reflect a religious element?  Does Principle Bilal consider the objections that have been raised as part of anti-Islamic outbeaks against the Mosque in New York City or the proposed Bridgewater Mosque? Or is it just focused on one sect?  

If the later to understand why SPLC branded The Nation Of Islam as a hate group read the Wikipedia article. (click )

The Nation of Islam mosque in Plainfield is not the only Muslim Congregation.  Members of the Mosque on Grant Ave include many leading members of the Plainfield Community. Their religion is more traditional, and to the best of my knowledge do not advocate violence to any group or separatism from this nation.

Would  Principal Bilia invite the Aryan Nation (click) to speak at a High School Assembly? They have the same right under the 1st Amendment.  

I have urged the School District to take advantage of the Anti-Hatred and Tolerance programs that the SPLC provides without charge. Perhaps the District's leadership needs education. 

There was a slight modification at 12:15AM. Also a Comment by Nat Singleton posted at 11:30 pm with which I am in 100% agreement.



  1. I will be the first to state that I don't know the facts and that is what the problem is. No one, the public that is seems to know the facts. The school board, the superintendent and the principal need to provide the public with a detailed step by step explanation of the events, leaving no stone unturned. Otherwise, peoples imaginations will spin this out of control. For example, were the boys and girls separated and if so why?

  2. At least you amit you don't know the facts.Doc you can learn a lot from that.

  3. 8:33 AM, I have always asked for facts, and I believe I did so in this blog. I also refer to facts when they are available or copy them for posting. The links to Wikipedia contain facts that I hope every one reads completely.
    Then they can make a more informed judgement.

    If you know all the facts please communicate and I will post.

    Racial and religious intolerance and especially claims of racial superiority and the dising of others is unacceptable whatever the source.

  4. wikipedia is NOT a credible nor scholarly source of knowledge or information. that site is not accepted in ANY realms of academia for just that reason.


  5. Forget seperation of church and state issues which people tend to do when it is their religion!
    What about Minister Mustapha Muhammad himself, should he be speaking to children?

    Nation of Islam leader held without bail in murder
    Published: Saturday, Jan. 13, 2001 12:00 a.m. MST
    PLAINFIELD, N.J. (AP) — A Nation of Islam leader was being held without bail Friday after he was charged with murder in a 10-year-old case.

    Mustapha Muhammad, who helped organize last year's "Million Family March," faces murder, weapons and conspiracy charges in the Aug. 22, 1990, death of Reynaldo Lopez, who was found shot to death in Newark.

    Muhammad was arrested Wednesday by Plainfield police officers after attending a community meeting and turned over to Newark police.

    Two others also suspected in the killing are in custody already. Newark Police spokesman Sgt. Amilkar Velez refused to say how police connected Muhammad to the killing.

    © 2011 Deseret News Publishing Company | All rights reserved

    Well I guess he is qualified to speak about violence in the streets!

  6. A.W., True, since the source of information comes from individual contributors but misinformation is usually and promptly corrected by others.Be that as it may, it is a readily available link for posting in the blog. There are hundreds of other sites for info that may easily be reached through search engines if one wishes to take the time and check on authenticity of Wikipedia's
    data. If you know of any erroneous statements in either of the two links I would be ahppy to check them out.

  7. Ms. Hernandez stated that the person gave up their free time. Will someone please check the books. The speaker was paid!

  8. I would think seperating the boys and girls for this assembly violates the seperation of church and state. That is a Nation of Islam religious action and should not have been allowed. If this happened, then the principal did not follow the law and, as I said in another blog, he did not do his homework. So his English is not the only thing that is bad, so is his judgement, perhaps.

  9. PAT, Your 9:55 comment published reluctantly. I do not remember a 2001 story and the source "Deseret News Publishing Co. is based in Salt Lake City. The fact is before judgement one must know was there a trial and what was the verdict. If no trial were charges dropped or adjudicated. Or are we talking about the same person.
    Until more info is known I post this only in an effort to obtain that information.

  10. Doc -- I did some searches, found these links:

    Who knows if the same person? Could check with police.

  11. "free time" is a colloquialism doesn't mean someone was or wasn't paid.

    What is more interesting is how Anon knows this speaker was paid. Looks like Mrs. Hernandez should do some asking around in the district to see who all has access to such private information.

    Mrs. Hernandez, please let me know if you need some help with this.

  12. Here a is what the Chicago Tribune had to say
    More on Wallace Lane is available to online searchers.

  13. TAP, Again thank you for the links. Was there a trial? The crime happened 20 years ago and the arrest 10.
    According to the article "Muhammad often talked to children about drugs and crime and used his past as an example of what not to do."
    He seems to have had found religion sometime more thsn 10 years ago.

    Thus we may be wrong to condemn for a criminal act 20years ago if he has truly reformed.

  14. I am not trying to condemn anyone but when you google anyone evenly remotely in the public eye, there is quite a bit of info available. With him, all I could find was about this crime and arrest and nothing else. Why no publicity about this assembly beforehand? If I had a student in the 10th grade, I would damn sure want to know what is being presented to my child!

  15. TAP,No one is questioning your motives. Since this particular "mosque" was singled out by SPLC as a hate group I felt that there was questions that have to be answered. Who and How did the "vetting", who approved? Was the speaker paid if so by who, and if by PSS did the BOE approve the program9 That falls into the Policy area not day by day operations)? The are are only a few.

  16. Old Doc, you're going to get sidetracked again. Wait until you hear what the Mayor did.

  17. Nat, believe it or not. but earlier this week when I was in the City Hall I asked a person who works there when the Mayor was going to announce that she was going to be the City Administrator.

  18. @ anon 12:39 PM - The payment to the person is public information. The speaker was paid with public money. Ms Hernandez should get her facts straight before saying someone gave up the free time. She conveniently left out the part that he gave it up in exchange for money.