Wednesday, March 23, 2011

True Potpourri

 As a tween ager in the long distant past I read, believe it or not, a science fiction story by Kipling! The story "With the Night Mail" made such an impression that to this day I can recall that it perceived of a world where "lighter than air aircraft" not airplanes were the  future. The story was suppose to take place in 2000.

 For a lark I googled the title  and to my surprise came up with a plethora of hits, this one has the complete story, including commentary.    You might enjoy the tale specially considering the Author is most remembered for his tales of India and the British Empire.

I am happy to post this because it is more in context with my original concept of "Doc's Potpourri then the overwhelming focusing on the unfortunate affairs of Plainfield.  Tomorrow I will again wander from civil turmoil for a tale from WWII.

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