Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last night's Special Council meeting was canceled. If and when a new meeting is scheduled depends on the results of a meeting between a Council committee and the Mayor on the future of the Recreation Division. More later but Plaintalker will have covered the gist of the Council President's press conference.

The Plainfield High Basketball team as expected ran out of steam in the 4th quarter against the concentration of statewide talented players. As runner's up the Cardinals merit the respect of all.

Later today will post "sunject unknown" at this time.


  1. For those of you who missed it, the PHS basketball team played a great game at the IZOD Center. Each quarter was very close and competitive, with Plainfield very aggressive under the boards. I may be wrong, but I think St. Anthony played their tallest players in the fourth and that interferred with Plainfield's shooting. But to think that they played what is ranked as the best HS team in America and held their own, that is great. What a marvelous team.

  2. This team has shown what a "collaborative effort" can do. It should be an example to their elders.
    I had recently emailed the UVA Basketball coach a suggestion that they take a look at the juniors. I believe some can meet their academic standards. Plainfield is not unknown to the athletic department there Besides a recent all star football player, in the 90s Johnson a basketball player had a scholarship. Unfortunately knee injuries killed his opportunity. Would be nice if some one in local power would follow up.

  3. What a backhanded way to compliment the PHS Basketball team on a great season. Win or lose, they went all the way to the championship by giving it their all. To say "they ran out of steam as expected" is a slap in the face to them all. They went out there and played their best. They had a 50/50 chance and as long as they did their best, they can all hold their heads high knowing that they made it to the show. so if you want to congratulate them, do that and mean it, otherwise, shut up.

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  5. Maybe I missed something. But If you did not expect the team that is a farm club for Group 1 NCAA colleges and the #1 team in the nation to wear out by shear numbers a public school team you are stupid. The score by quarters proves that PHS was competitive for the first 3, by the 4th they were exhausted The legs go and the shots don't fall.Against a peer school the PHS team would have been in the chase to the end.

    But perhaps I should have used the word "feared" instead of "expected'.

    Are you the same anon (7:07) that took umbrage to my post on disclosure?

    March 23, 2011 11:28 PM