Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The Faustian Comedy that is the saga of Plainfield keeps developing new twists.

As improbable as it seems with the Chairman of the Local Democrat Committee ,an obvious important official in the County or he would not be the 3rd most important leader in the Assembly plus a city resident and former Councilor as a member of the Board of Freeholders , that the Mayor had no indication or even suspicion that Bibi Taylor was leaving for no less a County position. Just a week earlier the Mayor's spokesperson Acting City Administrator Williamson remarked at the Council meeting that Taylor's return was imminent.

Yet, one must take the Mayor at her word. Thus either she has been ostracised from the County (and local) Democrat machine or even worse this is an example her being as out of touch with popular political realities as have been the Middle East Dictators.

In neither case can she act efficiently as the head of this city's government.

Bibi Taylor by her apparently impetuous action has lost credibility as a person of principle. It is not that she elected not to return to a position from which the Mayor had embarrassed her with an out of the blue firing. Despite the Council's action in revoking that action, I could not conceive (and did so state) a person of Taylor's obvious pride continuing to work in such an unfriendly atmosphere.

The "New Jersey maternity leave benefits are 66% of your income or $559 per week in 2011 - whichever is less. If your income exceeds $42,000 per year, you hit the cap".

In Taylor's case that would be $7267.00 for the three months as a quarter of 13 weeks. In order to preserve that amount, to our knowledge she waited until the last second to give her notice. She has elected to punish the City's citizens to spite the Mayor. Yes, she could have given notice that at the end of her leave she intended to leave and give time for a search for a good successor.

What are Plainfield's options? By law Williamson can not serve in the Acting City Administrator's role for which he is ill equipped for more than three months. On April 1 or perhaps a week before depending when the Mayor appointed him he must vacate the position. There is no one else in the Mayor's "Cabinet" that has minimal qualifications to possible act as the Acting Administrator.

Ron West has been refereed to in the press as a possible candidate but he would be politically tainted by having been a part of the McWilliams' administration or IE: a New Democrat. He may be further repugnant to many due to his relationship with Solaris. There may be others but this will be at best a stop gap measure while an honest search with Council input for a new full time Administrator takes place. However, in times of crisis accommodations must be made.

The net result will be (1) No possibility of a timely adoption of a budget, thus Plainfield will once more be in a fiscal wilderness. (2) A rudderless city unless all of the opposition Council trio shows a desire to acknowledge their fiduciary responsibility and forgo petty party politics. and (3) an undesirable municipality for development or residency unless the Mayor abandons her antagonistic attitude to the Council and helps find a cooperative working situation with Council.


  1. Of all the local bloggers, olDoc offers definitely the most objective view of the people and events in LaLaLand!

  2. Actually it was the imbroglio in Planfield that brought Bibi to the attention of the county bigwigs. I know for a fact that they are desperate to diversify their all boy network with talented people who more represent the population mix in Union County.
    They ask you once. If you refuse, they don't ask again.
    Bibi got an offer she could not refuse.

  3. You hit the nail on the head. As much as people dislike the Mayor, the manner for which Taylor did not leave Plainfield in good standing.If she was fishing around for another gig, then the City could have have been more active in searching for her replacement.