Monday, March 21, 2011


Unless in the morning news there is something of local importance to merit a newer posting, there is little to comment about prior to tonight's meetings. So, a few random thoughts.

Of all sport spectacles the most exciting is the NCAA men's tournament. In what other sport can you find the lead to change hand three times in the last 10 seconds. The nearest event similar to that could possibly be the 1968 Heidie/Jets-Raiders 1968 football game.

Plainfield High's basketball team has an impossible task facing it tonight in the State Championship game. They have to defeat the #1 High School Team in the country. That is unlikely but anything is possible. Indeed even if they lose they must b e considered the best public school team in NJ. The Saint Anthony, Saint Benedict and other Catholic High Schools act as a magnet for the best individual athletes in the State. Those kids are auditing for college basketball scholarships.

Correction: It is March 24 not the 25th that I intend to post a brief WWII memories. The 25th is justifiably more famous because that is the date of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

To night we may have answers to some of the recent administrative and monetary problems facing the city.

In the world of Blogs there has been a void since the first of the year that is disturbing. Both Jim Pivinchny and Rashid Burney seem to have dropped off the face of the earth. Both have had much to offer in understanding and interpretation of Plainfiedl's problems. Come back you two.

The DPW has done a great job on Leland especially south of the RR tracks. There is only one that may have been missed in the northbound lane before getting to Cook School. Cushing Rd. has been restored to good condition especially on the western end. Unfortunately the recent heavy rain created havoc with the patches between Knollwood and Kevin .


  1. I wonder if Plainfield is responsible for Park Ave. It is an especial mess from the high school to the South Plainfield border. I was wondering who is responsible and if we got suckered into taking care of that street like we did on South Avenue. Who are the idiots making these terrible decisions for Plainfield?

  2. Bob, Park Ave is a County Highway The city somehow has assumed responsibility from Front St. south to I believe Stelle. Like the South Ave. fiasco no onew in the present administation will probably have any notion of when or why this was agreed upon.

  3. I hope the Mayor and the City Council
    acknowledge the contributions of this basketball team in a public forum since they all say its about the "kids".

  4. Not that it's a big deal but I saw the Scotch Plains DPW making the repairs on Cushing Road last week, starting on the western end, at least on their side. I couldn't tell if they were also repairing the north side.

  5. Anon 2:27-The nature of the repairs suggested that it was Scotch Plains PW that had done that stretch. The earlier repairs east of Knollwood were "cold patched" and unfortunately some subcumbed to the weather changes and record setting rains.
    Most of the problems esat of Kevin are on the SP side where there had been sewer line placment and a sub development.

    I wonder how responsibility is determined for roads that straddle the border between two municipalities. We have two such I am aware, Cushing of course and Woodland at its southern end.

  6. The South Avenue fiasco was a project designed and implemented by the previous administration. Some of us--including the late Bob Ferraro--objected prior to and after it was done. It has been a disaster!

  7. Anon 9:10, Once again I have ignored my vow not to post any comment that is not related to the blog it addressed.Although this is another anonymous political rant against Al McWilliams and his "New Democrats" the objections that rose against the project was not due to what turned out to be engineering incompetency, but rather to the obstacle course design which certain area merchants lobbied for.

    This was in the days before my bloging, but if you can find old Couriers you will find a "letters to the editor" from me expressing my concerns on traffic and especially the ability for the fire truck to progress out of the station. Also with respect to the memory of Bob Ferraro he was known to the Council audience s "the Great Noer".