Thursday, March 17, 2011


I had considered yesterdays long double blog to be an excuse not to post today. After all it is St. Patrick's day and I might find a draft of green beer, an enjoyable plate of corned beef, cabbage and boiled potatoes accompanied by a slice Irish Soda Bread.

However, the as yet unconfirmed  "scoop" by Jerry Green that Bibi Taylor has taken a position with the County' is impetus for this brief blog.

It should be no surprise to any one, that a person with any degree of self pride would continue to work in the unfriendly atmosphere created by her 'honor'S" abrupt firing action in December. Unless the Mayor was caught completely with her pants down I also can not conceive that someone in the County/Freeholder/ Democrat Party or even the local branch was not aware that Taylor had applied for the County position. That would be most difficult to keep a secret.

Since there has been no evidence that there has been a search for a new City Administrator, or even a Director of Finance or a Director of Public works, we can assume that the Mayor is going to continue to ignor the Charter and personally "rule".

Acting City Administrator, Acting Department Directors can serve for only 90 days. Williamson's role for which he is ill equipped  should be over by the end of March. Likewise the Acting Directors of Administration and Finance, and Public Works are approaching the end of their legal appointment.

There has been no evidence on the City site or by communication that there is a search for qualified i9ndividuals  for any of the three posts. Once again the Mayor has continued to leave vacant positions that might put the brakes her concept of  personal government. She apparently finds anarchy to work for her benefit.

Plainfield's Government is in an Atomic Meltdown. If the Mayor and all Councillors really care for our City they will act collaboratively  to limit the damage.

We await a statement from the Mayor as to her plans. If she needs to include her Mentor so be it. The Assemblyman has to openly take an active role as the "third most important person in the Assembly". and the only influential party figure. 

Add 9:15 AM: one of the serious fall outs will be that there is no way that even a draft for the 2012FY budget will be ready by July 1. In fact it will be months before any new professionals on board will be up to speed to submit a rational one.


  1. Doc, lets not forget, to work together it involves both parties.
    Sharon stymies that at every corner.
    Let's stop the group hug and call a spade a spade.
    I can wish the 2 divisions of city government would work together, but that's impossible unless they both attempt. So I don't bemoan it and act like it's a group's one branch of city government causing the mess and lack of cooperation - ADMINISTRATION. She will certainly go down in Plainfield's history as the one of the most divisive influences in government. Let's hope that when Chris Christie come's knocking on the PMUA's door he looks to the left at Robinson-Blame and starts cleaning her clock as well.

  2. So many people criticize Assemblyman Green for "running the city" which he has made clear he doesn't, now you are calling for his intervention in city affairs. If he tried to intervene no matter how effectively he would be criticized for doing so. If he wants to keep his hands off, I wouldn't blame him--the Assembly has a big agenda and he needs to be there.

  3. For the first four years that Assemblyman Green guided SRB, people yelled at him not to do so. Now that he is not you are yelling at him for not doing so.

    How can you New Democrates whine both ways?

  4. I don't know who wants now, or ever wanted Jerry Green's intervention. Most of us want him gone!