Friday, March 18, 2011


What is going on? "March Madness" does not just refer to the NCAA basketball tournament. For example there were two local bombshells on St Pat's day

:#1 The mayor posts a notice on the City "site" announcing a special Council Meeting Monday March 21 at 7PM. citing a City Code "ARTICLE 2, SECTION 2:2-10(A)" which us poor citizens have no available copy.
The pertinent section of the City Charter reads;
2.6 - Meetings. (Skip to the part about special meetings.)
"Special meetings upon at least two days public notice may be called by the Mayor whenever he deems necessary, and shall be called by the City Clerk upon written request signed by a majority of the councilmen. The call for the meeting shall specify the purpose of the meeting, and no other business may be conducted at such meeting."
This elderly observer interprets the above as two distinct separate methods to call for a Special Meeting. The Mayor's call does need Council approval. If the Council disapproves they can do the Wisconsin Democrat maneuver by not showing up so that there could not be a quorum for action. Also remember a vote of 5 members is necessary on alterations to the budget.

However, the Notice itself is faulty' "Emergency Appropriation" by itself is an opened ended term and is not "specific" thus does not meet the requirements stated in the paragraph quoted above.

Additionally, unless there are uncommitted funds in the 2011 budget, there can be no "Appropriation". I believe that there can be a meeting to transfer funds from one line item to another. Councilor Mapp and Acting City Administrator Williamson should be more knowledgeable about this matter than a long retired internist.

Perhaps before the appointed time we will have clarification.

#2: Council President McWilliams late yesterday issue a press release stating the Council's position on the Recreation services issue. She announced a press conference at 6PM Monday. That is of course my meal time. Perhaps the City will supply refreshments.

Perhaps the Mayor will also hold a press conference bringing us up to date on the status of the all important Administration heads.

Correction:Having rechecked the agenda from the November 2010 business meeting I realized that I made an error, Mr. Restaino is Director of Administration and Finances etc. not "acting". Incidentally, the City site lists Bibi Taylor as holding that position, although she was named City Administrator in January or February 2010. Isn't it nice to have available correct information.


  1. At the March 14 meeting, I asked whether any appropriations now must be charged against the FY 2012 budget and the answer was yes. Transfers of some sort are possible in May, but that was not what was being contemplated in the resolutions brought forth for Purchasing and Recreation Monday, as the layoffs kick in on April 15.

  2. Bernice, I remember your question but I forgot who on the Council said "yes". I can't understand how any monies spent in FY2011 can be charged to the FY2012 budget. With thaty reasoning we can charge some thing spent in April to the FY2014 budget.

    I think that it is possible to end the 2011FY with a deficit, which will have to be accounted for in the FY2012 budget. That is probably what the "yes" answer meant, since it is conceivable to have an emergency in one fisal year that requires unavailable funds and would have to be covered by borrowing.

  3. I'm not sure I agree with you on the Special Meeting portion of the ordinance. Two circumstances exist: a) when the mayor deems it necessary one may be called, and b)when the majority of the City Council calls for one it shall be called.

    Per NJSA 40:69A-179

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  4. 10:10 AM Anon, I think I wrote that there were two (2) separate circumstances by which a Special Council Meeting can be called, and the Mayor has the right both by tghe Charter and By clearer language as quoted in the City Code.

  5. I hope our City Council is wary of out shifty and shady mayor and her cohorts on the City Council. DO NOT TRUST HER OR HER LACKIES ON THE CITY COUNCIL!!! They are more about their own pocket books than the pocket books of the tax payers. What will we do when the Abbott districts come to an end, and they should and will.

  6. Old Doc, you are correct in your interpretation of the usage of and/or:
    From Wikipedia:

    'Care should be taken when converting an English sentence into a formal boolean statement. Many English sentences have imprecise meanings.
     In certain cases, AND and OR can be used interchangeably in English: I always carry an umbrella for when it rains and snows has the same meaning as I always carry an umbrella for when it rains or snows. An alternate phrasing would be I always carry an umbrella for when precipitation is forecast.
     The English words "and" and "or" have a meaning that usually applies more to sets of things than specific characteristics of items: "Give me all the red and blue berries" usually means, "... all the red berries and all the blue berries". Only in the context of a conversation about the characteristics of berries would the same phrase mean "... and all the berries that have both red and blue markings".
     Depending on the context, the word "or" may correspond with either logical OR (which corresponds to the English equivalent "and/or") or logical XOR (which corresponds to the English equivalent "either/or"):
     The waitress asked, "Would you like cream or sugar with your coffee?" This is an example of a "Logical OR", whereby the choices are cream, sugar, or cream and sugar (in addition to none of the above). This is an example of set taking precedence over item. The set of cream and sugarremains a set whether and or or are intended.
     The waitress asked, "Would you like soup or salad with your meal?" This is an example of a "Logical XOR", whereby the choices are soup or salad (or neither), but soup and salad are not an option.) This is item taking precedence over set.
     This can be a significant challenge when providing precise specifications for a computer program or electronic circuit in English. The description of such functionality may be ambiguous. Take for example the statement, "The program should verify that the applicant has checked the male orfemale box." This is usually interpreted as an XOR and so a verification is performed to ensure that one, and only one, box is selected. In other cases the intended interpretation of English may be less obvious; the author of the specification should be consulted to determine the original intent.'

  7. Nat, hank you. I am delighted that I am correct about something.

  8. I hope our Mayor is wary of out shifty and shady New Democrats and thier rubberstamps on the City Council. DO NOT TRUST THEM OR THEIR LACKIES ON THE CITY COUNCIL!!! They are more about their own pocket books than the pocket books of the tax payers. What will we do when the Abbott districts come to an end, and they should and will.

  9. Any new appropriations to the current budget must meet the State budgeting requirements for an "emergency." If adopted, they then must be included in the subsequent year's budget as a separate line item. The alternative is to wait until May and then the Council may approve a budget transfer, which most governing bodies routinely pass.

  10. "True American Patriot", I have not posted your commentary with a link to your blog since the subject matter does not appertain to the material in the blog. Have you contacted the ACLU on this matter? They may give you advice on how to seek "justice".

    Being "friends" on Facebook does not mean anything. I don't use it but have a listing because certain family members only send pictures of their kids etc that way. But some how or other I am "friends" with people I either never heard of or had only casual contact.
    You might ask teh "Plainfield in Jersey" blog to post a link to your blog.

  11. Old doc, that case could have been handled in a much different way than it was.
    If this guy was a nobody, the outcome would have been much different!
    I was just asking how this guy got off the way he did, and who if anyone helped him? Sorry if some people take this as an attack personally . . . it is really an attack on the system itself!
    According to the Crime Victims Bill of Rights (NJS 52:4B-36), this child and his guardian deserved something entirely different than what they got!

  12. TAP,I have no personal issue with your concern. I do not know the individual involved.

    I suggested other ways to handle it and this is the address of your blog (
    for anyone who wishes to read about what you considered a miscarriage of justice. Without all the facts it is impossible to take any position.