Tuesday, March 15, 2011


To the BOE meeting Tuesday night to learn about the "Budget". Just as on the site only the allocations half was submitted. Where the revenue will come from is still mystery, We were told that the entire budget must be sent to the State by 3/29/2011) so that everything will be available then on the site.

There is about a $10,000.000.00 increase in appropriations. Nearly 4 mil over 2009-2010 is for the Charter Schools. Most of the remainder is for salary and health care increases.

We were informed that there will be 1.2+ mil increase in State aid all dedicated to the Charter Schools, Special education students and I thought I heard Private (?) School tuition.

The Acting District Superintendent claims that the recently signed contract did not represent any increase in salary lines since it was just retroactive pay. I am confused since I would presume that the unionized workers were paid routinely at the old scale until a new contract was signed. Thus any new authorized back pay seems to me to be an increase. Of course I may have misunderstood and I am sure I will be corrected.

I also believe that the new contract calls for small increases this year and subsequent years. However I only saw it some wheres posted on Maria's blog.

The audience was reassured that every attempt is being made to not cut costs at students expense. One of the problems may have been poor fiscal control in the past, including working and non working executive salaries .

I left after the Public Comment period ended since the rest of the meeting would be committee reports and routine business. The BOE meeting is well orchestrated, unfortunately the public attendance could have be accommodated in the City Hall Library Room.

I plan later (much) today to ruminate on personalities involved in today's city government, and why we are in trouble.

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