Saturday, March 19, 2011


There are times when events that have no material impact upon world affairs or humanity take on a degree of importance that time wise supersedes all. Such is March Madness and the fact that the little guys from such as the Colonial Athletic Conference, and the Atlantic 10 can make members of the "power conferences" eat crow.

There is enough media and blogger outlets about Japan, Nuclear accidents and meltdowns, The armed suppression of the "revolution" in Libya and other "Arab" nations that I can take time off from that which has subordinated my original concept for "Potpourri". With that in mind I intend on March 25 to run a little egocentric WWII remembrance.

While on "memory events"; Three Mile Island happened 32 years and 8 days ago from today. Chernobyl occurred in April 25 years ago. Look them up in Wikipedia.

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