Saturday, July 25, 2009


Belated Saturday, July 25.

It was a pleasant but not really a surprise to read Adrian Mapp's blog this morning, reiterating his stand on the the Monarch tax abatement ordinance.

I know that there will be comments from anonymous readers who will blast his position, as politically motivated and anti-Jerry Green. I will erroneously be criticized for favoring Counsilor Mapp . What I am praising, is his publicly taking a position which is in agreement with my concept of what is best for Plainfield.

Of course I am only one voter. Would only others on the council consider this ordinance, along with other gifts that in the past few decades Plainfield's government has bestowed on favorite entrepreneurs . This includes so-called PILOT programs.

Anyhow, we have up to the Agenda Setting Session in August for an indication how administration and Council will be acting.

This past week the emphasis has been on Health Care Reformation:

I have reviewed the transcript of President Obama's last Wednesday's news conference . My overall impression is that the conference was well scripted , the questions appeared to be scripted as were the responses. The net result was that nothing new was said.

President Obama learned from Hillary Clinton's Health Reform failure in Congress. She had presented a completed package produced by a secret committee action. Instead President Obama decided to give Congress only general instructions without specifics .

This too seems to have been an error in judgment. There are too many dedicated interests in Congress to come up with a plan that satisfies all. Ultimately, there has to be a meeting of the minds or, once again nothing will be accomplish. Undoubtedly, as is customary in Congress, there will be buried in the 1000 pages of the bill enough pork bellies to waste millions of dollars.

One question, that is holding up action in Congress is how the program is going to be financed. The prospect of making up any new deficit by a surtax on the so-called "Rich" is great. However, I will bet you a nickel to your penny that any change in income tax will in short order be reflected upon the middle-class.

The second problem program, which has received a great deal of negative comment in both Houses of Congress from the insurance industry is the so-called public insurance pool or program. It is supposed to be competitive to the plans offered by commercial carriers. It is obvious that anything subsidized by the federal government will have such an advantage that the other programs can not be competitive and survive. The net result is feared to be,despite Administration denials, a single payer Federal run Health Program.

A third program which even the blue Democrats in the House are objecting, is a mandatory requirement for employers to offer insurance to all full time employees ,or pay a 8% penalty payroll tax,. The worry is will it drive small or marginal companies out of business, with the resulting unemployment.

All the above is subject for more discussion in the near future. Be assured that there will be some form of a plan this year, but not until after the November elections despite the fact that no House or Senate seats up for election.


  1. Doc I look forward to hearing more on Obama's health plan. I think it's worth a try. too many people have been bankrupted or driven to financial collapse by medical bills. In my own family, when my father became terminally ill, the only thing that saved my mother was the fact that he was in an experimental program that funded his treatment. He lived 4 months. If we had had to pay the cost, it would have been well over $200,000 dollars, and that was in 1985. The physical and emotional toll on him and our family was devastating enough, but to have to sell our modest house would have driven my mother especially to complete and utter despair. No family should have to go through what we went through, what hundreds of thousands of other working class families go through. I don't mind paying higher taxes to help fund health care services, it's part of what makes me a member of humanity, part of the commonwealth, if you will.

    Regarding the local news and the tax abatement, I am glad that Councilman Mapp has decided to vote against offering a tax abatement to the Monarch buyers. I think you're right, there will be those who will denounce him, but he said he can take the criticism. I'd rather have a councilman admit he was wrong that just go along with the flow. I have been wrong about a lot of things in my life, we all have been.

  2. Despite any impression that one may receive from my on going comments on this subject, I am in 100% agreement that no family should be forced to become bankrupt because of medical expenses.

    That said; it is the "individual's" responsibility to meet within his means as well as possible provisions for health care . It is the public's responsibility to assure that avaiability even if the "state" has to supply it. However ,if someone delibertly
    shirks that charge for personal reasons then society should not have to provide.