Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Monday night's Council Working Session with the PMUA executives was a moderately well attended informative meeting that lasted until 11PM.

The first 2+ hours were devoted to the PMUA's presentation and questions from the Council members. along with personal remarks from Council President Burney as to his view of the session's scope and goals. The public question and commentary period lasted about 40 minutes.

Suffice to say most of the public speakers focused on "Sewer charges", "Shared Services", and operating costs including compensation matters.

Later today when I have a chance to scan my memory and insufficient handwritten notes- if any one has ever tried to read a doctor's handwriting he will know that means that most of the notes are undecipherable- I shall post my impressions of the meeting. I advise all to read Bernice's report when available and Mark Spivey's report which at the earliest will be in print tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks Doctor. I smiled at your comment of trying to figure out your own handwriting and I remember a question I have had for a while which is:

    Could it be that all those who go for medicine have the genetic predisposition for cure, blood, and illegible handwriting, or given the well-known legend of doctors' illegible handwriting those who pick medicine as their profession stop working on their handwriting skills?

    I am just glad that you have such an exceptional good memory and don't have to rely on your notes.

    Look forward to your next post.