Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I had intended to post the second part of my presentation on Health Care programs or options. This was to be devoted to the Federal programs. To my amazement there is even more Federal involvement than those I have previously mentioned. A great deal more than Medicaid. Medicare, or Veterans Administration in the governments bag.

While I plan to have something in a cohesive format within the next 24 hours it may take longer since I am writing this series on the fly.

Meanwhile a few words on the reaction to some of the bloggers' opinion on the Roselle/Mapp incident.

So many of the ghosts who call themselves anonymous gloat that we who prefer Democracy and not a "Boss machine" government are desperate or expressing sour grapes because the local election turned out in what they call an overwhelming victory for JG.

The results can not be ignored, Nor can the fact that such a small percentage of the eligible party affiliated voters turned out to vote. Nor can the number of unaffiliated voters be forgotten for they may vote in November.

What does disturb me is the number of people who accept with glee the underhanded procedure that took place in Roselle. The methodology of ridding the "bosses" of an individual who stood up to them by abolishing their position CFO or Police Chief.

This nation is a Republic which is based on the principle of democracy. Democracy is defined as; a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically free elections. The government functions according to established rules (laws) and regulations. Any deviation is illegal unless proven otherwise.

The boss machine creates an Autocracy; a government in which one person (or group)possesses unlimited power. Even on a small scale of a municipality or county this has all the negatives of a dictatorship. Only scale makes a "Hague machine type" government differ from the power of a Fascist or Stalin state. Although this model claims to follow the same rules etc of Democracy, when ever the need arises it does not hesitate to create its own "rules' or unilateral abrogate the established ones.

Atogracy's disregard of the rights of others, often is the road to corruption. Ita supporters expect and tolerate such behavior.
We must make a choice every time we vote as to what we want. I for one find "Autocracy" in any form onerous. I would hope that everyone who celebrated the 4th would have the same opinion.

The heading is "Health Care" and I think it is not inappropriate since we are writing not about an individual but the Health of our Society

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  1. Thank you, Doc. You have hit the nail right on the head. It's about more than one individual's job. It's about the right of the people to decide the direction they want to go in for themselves. In NJ, we have home rule. Whether that's good or bad, ultimately, is a separate question. The thing here is, how can 4 council people in Roselle vote on a shared services agreement without a feasibility study and a hearing before the public, as the state calls for in terms of "best practices" referred to in the Department of Community Affairs handbook? Why Roselle Park, which is much smaller? Why not Linden, which would, frankly, make more sense? They should look to examine all shared services to see whether there would be a benefit to the public, apply for DCA grant funding, and begin to inform the public--look at how Fanwood and Scotch Plains are approaching this--reasoned and with care. Why the closed-door, secret meeting, OPRA-violating rush to action? It only makes sense when you look at the bigger picture of how the county wants to operate. DeFilippo has not yet been indicted, Roselle Council President Holley was involved in a huge voter fraud scheme involving 31 absentee ballots that changed the election results in Roselle in 2007, and Assemblyman Neil Cohen of Roselle is under indictment for child pornography. This is the "stellar" crew that wants to punish Adrian Mapp and hand over control of Roselle's finances to the much smaller Roselle Park. Is Plainfield next? That is what I want to know--dangerous precedents are being set--this is very ominous. I care about my town.