Friday, July 31, 2009


Both the New York Times and the Star Ledger on Thursday had excellent articles on the status of the Health Care progress through Congress including in depth reviews on the stumbling points. Even the Democrats in the House are splintered. The reluctant "Blue Dogs" by receiving some concessions among them in the level of exempting small employers from the mandatory provision of providing insurance, modification in the matter of a federal run insurance program or subsidizing commercial insurers, and the over all costs seem to be ready to support the bill. The " Progressive Caucus" now has stated that they will oppose these changes. It is questionable if the House bill in its present form would pass even with the Democrat majority.

Even before they will try to hammer out a common bill there are other contentious items facing both Congressional Houses. At this point they seem to be getting a handle on cost by ignoring all years except the first of the estimated $245 billion 10 year increase in Medicare costs. How much subterfuge will there be in the final bill?

Until September when Congress reconvenes there will be little overt action towards a workable plan. Probably the Times is the best source of in formation at this time. Any analysis I could possibly do would just be pure speculation, therefore the subject will be on my back burner until September.

Meanwhile my priorities over the next few days will be focused on children (4), grandchildren(3), and great grandchildren(5). Local stimulus money, tax abatements, sewer charges, politics will have to wait.


  1. Wow, you're into the greats! You don't look that old, and thankfullly you have the energy to enjoy.

    Have a fun few days and I look forward to your next blog.

  2. 10:56,Thank you. Me ego just increased 200%.