Thursday, July 30, 2009


Has anyone noticed the early arrival of August Dog Days?

I am not referring to the weather, which for the past two days have been typical New Jersey summer. One literally walked through the humidity Wednesday morning. People with respiratory problems were in danger when venturing outside.

Instead, I allude to the bogger's world. Either the provocative bloggers are losing their touch or what is more likely the readers are having an acute attack of ennui. The number of comments posted have dropped to almost none. That is not due to blogger censorship, since our Plainfielders post everything even critical of themselves. Yes there are some that are in bad taste, or slanderous, or not germane to the subject that are dropped. That is the bloggers right and in my opinion obligation.

Other blogs written by "politicos" rarely if ever posts a contrary comment. In fact there is one that had only one comment posted since its inception and that was a supportive one in a controversial situation . Of the other four on CLIPS,one posts multiple commentaries, another only a few which are usually position supportive. Others post rarely, although there is one whose author I respect but who doesn't seem to have enough impact on readers to generate any commentary. At least I have read none regarding his latest posting.

This Dog Day syndrome has affected my Health Care analysis. No time will be lost since it seems that the Blue Democrats are leaning to a compromise with the House leadership on a Bill they will support. The payback is that no action will be taken until after the recess.

This Wednesday it was reported that the bipartisan Senate group of 6 has reached agreement on most of the items in the Senate version and that too will be acted upon when the Senate reconvenes. Again these are only rumors, nothing has been released.

At the same time Obama apparently has shifted from a 100% person covered federal insured health plan stand to one with subsidies to the private insurers. Any plan that he finds acceptable will only cover about 95% of the population. He also seems to have veered from his proclamation that there would be no extra financial burden on the middle class to pay for the new Health Care Plan to one that will be at the expense of sacrificing things that don't make them healthier. That probably means entitlements supported by tax money or increased taxes to pay for them including schools, police etc. will suffer from the lack of funding unless taxes are raised for their use".

A final digression; Monday night at the Council/PMUA Working Session Council President Burney mentioned in passing that a meeting between several Council members and PMUA executives had resulted in the roll back of certain charges like open lids and time which the containers had to be off the street. A few citizens near me wondered whether such a meeting was in violation of the Open Public Meetings Act. In N.J.S.A. 10:4-6 (1973) there is a statement to the effect that'"a public meeting is one held by a public body of any level of government-state,county or local-with the intent to discuss or act as a body on public business. A meeting may be in person,by telephone conference call, or by other means of electronic communication."

It is my non legal opinion that this type of meeting is in a grey area since in can only recommend some action by one of the participants and not perform any action. There is also a very interesting problem created by this definition of a public meeting; How can the public participate in a telephone conference call or email meeting? Anybody have any idea on how to solve the logistics?

Maria; All our wishes for a speedy recovery.

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  1. Hey, Doc,

    I have a new blog--not focused on politics (although there is one Plainfield-focused post--on the abatement proposal).

    It's called "Confessions of a Bathrobe Blogger," and it's focused mainly on arts and pop culture--maybe a bit of critical commentary from time to time.