Monday, January 30, 2012

Rashid Burney's Communication

"Getting a lecture on morality from a politician is like getting a lecture on chastity from a whore." -- Perry de Havilland

Former Councilman Rashid Burney has sent the following email to me and I suppose numerous others. Since Plainfield politics often leaves one bewildered, and since politicians are politicians although not all are "Newts" I have acceded to his request (see comments to yesterday's blog) and am posting the email in toto.

Received 1/28/2012
"You cannot make this up folks.

I keep trying to tune out Plainfield's status-quo politics, and things keep coming up that honestly, make me sad for Plainfield and I cannot keep quiet. With every new face, change is what you are promised. Blame is the excuse you are presented at the end of every 4-years.

"It's Jerry's fault". "Jerry is keeping us from moving forward". "Jerry will not allow progress". Haven't you been told that over and over again? Yet four years later, more promises to fight Jerry Green and more excuses.

By now you all know that after years of telling you that Jerry Green is bad for Plainfield and Jerry Green is the root of all problems in Plainfield, the New Democrats went out and campaigned for Jerry Green this past election cycle. Put out signs for Jerry Green. Made phone calls for Jerry Green. Helped him get elected.

The New Democrats excuse when such a reversal is exposed: "We always do this". Really? You always campaign for Jerry Green? Why didn't you tell us this in June every year when you tell us he is evil? And bad for Plainfield?

Everyone in the New Democrat machine was involved in this support for Green. Even the spin master, Dan Damon himself encouraged you to vote for Jerry Green on his blog, and showed up at Green's campaign HQ to support Green as did Storch, Mapp, Williams, Bicket and many other prominent New Democrats.

But it does not end there. When New Democrats Mapp and McWilliams campaigned for Council is 2008 they promised and pledged that they would not take ANY money from Plainfield vendors. A good idea it was! Some might even have believed it.

They told you pay-to-play was bad and only mean, bad politicians do this. Storch in his campaign told you the monies taken by the New Democrats was "over 10 years ago...." and thus implying they have changed their ways. They told you it that their politics were "new" and not "old".

Behind the scenes the opposite has been true. You see, the New Democrats have a strong history of frisking Plainfield vendors for money everytime they are in power. Happened in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Now that New Democrats once again are controlling the council, what happens?

Well, don't wait for Dan Damon to tell you. Because he will not. Nor will any other New Democrat. I doubt if you will see this on any of the blogs either.

Attached please find New Democrat leader, Adrian Mapp's first election report filed with the State of NJ for his 2012 Council run. What this shows is Mr Mapp is taking monies from Plainfield vendors. He has already accumulated almost $5,000 in campaign contribution including $500 from Remminton Vernick. Remmington Vernick is Plainfield's engineering firm who has received over $3 million dollars from the city in engineering work in the last few years.

The rest of the rest were probably also contributions from Plainfield vendors, but they were all $300 or less, and thus not required to be reported individually.

How do you accumulate so much money overnight? Simple! Announce that you will ascend to the role of Council President for 2012 (hint...hint.... Council controls budget and contracts..hint...hint) and that you are hosting a wine and cheese reception at your home. Make the card read "Monetary contributions of $300 will be accepted".

As long as you have been a loyal "yes" vote, pay-to-play money will flow to you.
But why do the fund raiser in 2011 when election is actually in June of 2012? Here is why: Do your fundraiser in 2011, so that you can start a fresh clock in 2012 and hit the vendors up again in 2012. Thus you bypass annual contribution limits.

Do it quietly. Damon will not report it in his blog. So how will you know?
Just for extra measure, introduce an ordinance that appears to ban pay-to-play at the very time you are frisking the vendors. And tell everyone how this is honest and ethical leadership.

I am not making this up folks. This is the playbook. So while my comments may be sarcastic, the facts speak for themselves.

The New Democrat's leader, Mapp and the New Democrat organization owes you an explanation. From campaigning for Green, rubber stamping votes for board and commissions that are not good for Plainfield, to secret fund raisers to frisk money from Plainfield vendors. These are all "old" politics. Nothing "New" about this.

The problem here is political ambitions have simply exceeded the needs of the city. Politicians have convinced themselves and their close circle that doing the very things they vowed not do do is necessary to step the very things they promised to stop. It's a warped and twisted logic. Now more time is spent on spin control, and keeping everyone toting the same line, rather then doing what is good for the city. Ordinances are put up that are really meaningless.

You are left hold the bill for all if this. Many of you have invested time, effort, and even money. You are also left with the emotional bill for this also. You have invested your own name, reputation and walked door to door for causes that are now essentially road-kill.

How you choose to act on this is obviously up to you. I am not running for anything and I don't want to run for office again. I am not supporting or opposing any faction or side in Plainfield and I am really busy with my business and family.

But because the information you are getting on the blogs is so one-sided, you are not getting all the truth. Since no one else is presenting you all the facts, I just feel I have to point these out and you can decide what to do with this.

thank you!

Rashid Burney"

On Jan.27 I received an email with the following attachment which confirms Burney's charge.
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  1. "The rest of the rest were probably also contributions from Plainfield vendors, but they were all $300 or less, and thus not required to be reported individually."

    Aside from the $500 that Mr. Burney mentions, this sentence is very leading. He doesn't know so he should have left this out. This email feels recycled, Doc, I received one that was almost the same from Mr. Burney right after the fall election, where he complains about Mapp and Storch and the New Dems. In that email he complained about the support they gave to the Dem party. Now he has cut and pasted that part into this new email. He says he is busy and doesn't have anything personal invested in this but he seems angry. He should start his own blog again. The voters will make a decision on Mapp this year whether they want him. They made a decision on Burney two years ago that they didn't want him. That is probably part of his problem.

  2. Rashid still needs to get over his loss. He seems for forget how he kept close to Jerry and Sharon when it met his needs. What's his game?

  3. de Havilland's quote is self explanatory. I posted Rashid's letter as a public(?) service without any comment. He waas defeated because he chose a losing position.

  4. Not only is Burney unethical and immoral, he is downright arrogant! He represents all that is unconscionable in Plainfield politics.
    This is defineately the pot calling the kettle black!
    "In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.' ~Charles de Gaulle

  5. Ha Ha Ha!!! Listen to yourselves. You all sound like the Swift Boat Veterans railing against John Kerry.

    Truth is hard to swallow people. Sticking your head in the sand or attacking the messenger is not the solution.

    The truth is New Democrat Mapp took money from Plainfield vendors in clear violation of his his own and his fellow New Democrats' pledges.

    Such double standards have to be pointed out and will continue to be pointed out.

    Do the right thing, and keep your own pledges, and there will be nothing to say. Right?

    Or is that too much to ask?

  6. OK-ground rules for this posting;It is not a Republican Debate comments ill be limited to once per person(except me of course). Radhis you do have a blog tghat we have missed and could be used by you as a vehicle for commentary on Plainfield affairs. It is sad that those who were politically involved once defeated disappear. That does give some credence to ths charge that their commitment was self interest.

  7. Wow! I had to see it to believe it. We will remember come November.

  8. I do believe I predicted the New Dem's would suddenly throw their "morality" or at best their "sister holier than though act" at election time.
    They came through, Dan Damon included, all because, this was about getting Obama elected in 2012. ( Remind me again, how someone of the likes of President Obama would know, or have anything to do with the petty fiefdom that is Plainfield Politics ) or how a blind lever pulling electorate of what, 10,000 active voters in Plainfield have any influence on something even remotely called - NATIONAL.
    It doesn't... the New Dems through their "faux morality" out the window for one reason or another. Still will say...Jerry Green..smarter than the rest of them to be sure ( again Jerry, an honest high five to you ).
    If Rashid wants to point out the duplicity of the New Dems...More power to him....and way to go got proof, nail em with it, although I believe shame is something they threw out in the last election.
    Glad to know Dan and the rest of them will be voting for Sharon.....she's a Democrat. So they'll have a whole additional excuse to toss their high minded principles "for Obama".

  9. I guess when you look in the mirror Rashid, what you see is impeccable!How's your buddy Jeff? I know a young child still bothered by bad dreams because of you two!

  10. This is astounding, pathetic and the end of the New Democrats. This shows the true colors of Mapp and the New Dems.

  11. What this? Rashid having lost the august mantle of Caesar’s, he now wants to wrap himself in the mantle of Caesar’s wife? What’s next, t the cloak of Brutus and a self-acclaimed apotheosis? The ides of March approach. Et tu, Rashid?

  12. Now we know it. New Dems = Gerry Green. Nothing but self serving politicians.

    Bravo Burney for speaking up and shining a light on this scam.

    Burney is no longer in office. Mapp is.

  13. "The voters will make a decision on Mapp this year whether they want Mapp".

    10:19am No one wants Mapp. He lost to an idiot called Sharon. He lost his Freeholder seat. Mapp will loose again as losers tend to do. If he ran on his own, he would loose. That is why he is running to Jerry and changing his colors.

  14. Help me out here everyone. I am so confused. . . once again!

    Does all this mean that there will no longer be a New Democrats Party?

    If Adrian Mapp is now an "A" team player, and as leader of the New Dems he and his followers are supporting, and living, the "A" team dream, does this now mean there will no longer be a "B" team?

    So help me out, is this about right?
    -If Mr. Mapp runs on Chairman Green's "A" line, will that mean the New Dems (or should I say the former New Dems) won't run someone against him?

    - Will it also mean that they (the 'to-be' former New Dems) won't run anyone against the "A" teams Council Seat at Large candidate too?

    Is the end of the New Dem party? Has Jerry Green finally outwitted them?

    This could be an exciting spring!


    Confused in Netherwood,


  15. The so-called New Dems are a joke! Of course they are sell-outs, is anyone surprised? Cory, will go anyway the wind blows and Mapp knows he cannot win without Jerry, so now he is a Jerry boot-licker and so is Rebecca. All four of the "New Dems" know this to be true and that is why Annie is stepping down.

  16. OK people,

    1 - What is the goal of Rashid's posting? To show how the New Dems try to push their agenda forward? Shocking - no political party does that!

    2 - How is all of this helping Plainfield? Doesn't seem to me that it is. What we need is a real leader who will forgo the political party bologna (really does it matter in local politics?)and really care about Plainfield - not the party.

    3 - Before anyone starts talking about finances and shuffling around money, one should have their own finances in order. It goes along with that phrase that starts "let he without sin..."

    4 - Generalizaions are good for the non thinkers - but how do you know the rest of the contributions under $300 were all vendors? How do you know that EVERYONE in the New Democratic machine supported Jerry Green?

    5 - Why doesn't Rashid have his own blog if he wants to get his message out?

    6 - Rashid, I believe, was once a New Dem. He, himself, has been heard to say that you have to compromise to get along. He has voted in support of ordinances to "get along", how is that different from what he is railing against?

    7 - I repeat, how does this make Plainfield a better place to live, and how does this benefit Plainfield? How will this bring in economic development, a more efficient government, get the gangs out of Plainfield, and improve our failing school system?

    I think some people have more time on their hands than they say.

  17. I for one thank Burney for his post. His point is well taken. He has always taken the line that everyone needs to work together. For that the New Democrats lamblasted him. They criticized him for being on Jerry's line and now look. Mapp is going to be on Jerry's line?

    Burney is right pointing out stench coming out of the New Democrats camp.

    The New Democrats do indeed have some explaining to do.

  18. To 10:23am - it appears the New Dems have indeed taken his advice and are working together. So, is the problem that this kumbaya did not come along when he could take advantage of it?

  19. First, I take exception to Rashid's generalization that ALL New Dems supported Jerry - he does not mention who exactly he is talking about when he mentions the machine, and how does he know ALL?

    There has always been talk about the New Dems splitting the Democratic party in Plainfield, and how both New and Old dems should get along. How does that happen without compromise? So people may say that the New Dems caved, but how do you start a dialogue in order for the two factions to start working together? Is helping one another the way? If neither gives in, then we are back to the beginning of people asking why the New and Old Dems cannot get along? How do we start to mend fences? This is where I am confused and really do not know what the expectations are on either side. I would think that people would be pleased that the two sides are talking. And, I would encourage people to attend council meetings to see how councilors vote.

    I can tell you that if it were not for the New Dems, Bibi Taylor would have been fired because the mayor did not like her (read the executive session and form you own opinion), the mayor would have someone signing checks in the absence of a CFO, and that person is not authorized, and spending of the taxpayers money illegally would not have been brought to light through WBLS, and illegal spending would most likely have continued.

    Trying to get along, and selling out are two different things.

    Quite frankly, I think the Democrats in Trenton sell out constantly for their own gain - but that's a different blog.

  20. WOW. I feel like a Democrat watching the national Republican debates.