Monday, January 23, 2012


Alan, thank you for recalling that blog about Gingrich click here to read. When I reread it I became amazed by how perceptive the author ( I) was about Gingrich and his chances. My comments about the rest of the Republican Candidates still seems valid.

Columnist Maureen Dowd in Sunday's Times discusses the weaknesses and failures of the Obama Presidency to date. For an avowed Democrat she is frank about why he will be extremely vulnerable this election.

The reactionary movement that embraced Gingrich in South Carolina perhaps best reflects her analysis.

In the same issue notable Columnist Thomas Friedman writes about the issues that will determine who will be our President in 2013. He also reports why 2/3 Americans polled would vote for a Third Party (not Paul I hope) Candidate who would promise to act on all their concerns.

Monday was a very foggy day; locally weather wise and nationally politically. The best advice is to enjoy the melt and prepare for winter later this week. Some clearing although I doubt it ; may result from the Florida primary a week from Tuesday which may determine the future of the Republican Party and perhaps a Draft Christie movement.

That noted tonight (Monday) the four debated in Tampa Florida. My impressions:
  1. Romney was on the offensive against Gingrich blasting his record in DC. He accused him of being a Lobbyist for Freddie Mac &Fanny May receiving over a million dollars in salary as a "Historian". Gingrich of course denied influence peddling claiming he received on $30,000.00 total for his consulting services; the rest of funds went to his company for expenses. Romney will provide Tuesday 2 years tax return stating he paid everything due to the government. The fact that it was only about 15% of his income is the smoking gun.
  2. Gingrich continues to be the ultimate debater. he can shift subject smoothly without truly answering the question. His aggressive stance on Foreign Policy. and National Economics will attract many voters. His stand on Social Security and health care will appeal to Florida's massive number of retired senior citizens . He pitched to the many "Cubans" in Florida by stating that he would aggressively try to terminate the Castro regime. He would forcefully react against Iran. He makes it sound good but is there substance present?
  3. Ron Paul presents a most appealing national program especial relating to economics. Once again and he admit ed it, he has no concept of foreign policy except to lift the embargo against Cuba and Iran as being war provocative.
  4. Santorum was largely ignored by the moderator but he repeated his domestic financial "program and his opposition to Federal Health Care. Since I am prejudiced against him in part because he did use his position in the Senate t o grant "favors" which have been reported (without my being able to confirm) to have benefited him when he lost a reelection bid.

All in all of the two leaders ; Gingrich scares me because I consider him to be dishonest and Romney likewise does not appeal because his positions sway with the wind and are dependent on the direction it is blowing at that moment.

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