Saturday, January 28, 2012


Sunday without football and more than a month before Baseball camps begin.It will be also two months before the BOE elections unless the Council i its fiduciary role passes a Resolution mandating the change to the November date.

If the City chooses to hold the BOE?budget election coinciding with the General election; we will be committed for four years. That will give us time to judge is it was a wise move.

While we wait perhaps someone will take the time to give us an update on the "Shotspoter" program. Have we signed a contract? If so what are the terms/provisions? Is the Administration and Council aware that Trenton backed off expanding its one square mile trial application. The reason; a man was serendipitously found shot dead it the middle of the covered area; an obvious failure.

Other questions that need an answer or explanation at the next weeks Council meeting include;(1) when did the Council approve the appointment of a Special Corporation Council to represent the Mayor, and (2) how much compensation including miscellaneous expenses did he received,(3) where in the Charter is legal representation authorized for the Mayor if it is an in house investigation?

I am sure by next Monday I will remember more open items.


  1. OldDoc, I know this is a facetious comment:
    You are posing questions as if this administration does the proper investigations and follows the rules.

  2. Doc, true a Sunday without football is a Sunday left wanting. I am getting end-of-football-season withdrawl pains but Giants being the Superbowl is sweet.

    Anyway, I sent out an eamil today, New Democrat leader Mapp's own ELEC report showing him taking monies from Plainfield's vendors.

    What is disturbing about this is that the New Democrats and Mapp have made this a central issue stating that money corrupts politicians.

    They even passed an ordiance against pay-to-play. Unfortunately the ordinance is not worth the paper it is written on and you can drive a semi-truck thru it.

    Now Mapp himself reports that he took money from a Plainfield vendor. And probaly many more then a single vendor.

    But don't belive me. Ask Mapp. Ask the New Democrats.

    Maybe you will post my email in the interest of an open discussion.

    thank you!

    Rashid Burney

  3. Hi, Doc,

    Councilwoman Rivers remains Chair of the Public Safety Committee this year, and I believe she included ShotSpotter in her report, to be delivered at the February 6 agenda meeting. I will make sure that the council president asks Director Hellwig to provide an updated timeline for implementation, along with a more comprehensive review of how the system is to work (as one of the policing tools) at the agenda meeting.

    Regarding the body that was found in Trenton, I wasn't sure if it was stated whether the individual was shot in that location, whether he traveled to/or was taken to the location where he was found, or whether it was a close body shot. I know that one of the limitations of the gunshot detection systems I have read about has to do with the fact that extremely close-range body shots where sound may be muffled could be one of the limitations. I will ask Dir. Hellwig to respond.


  4. First, Rashid, get over your loss already. You lost because you were too much the mayor's lacky, though you did a good job as Council President. Also, make sure your facts are right when pointing a finger or that finger may point your way. Please provide proof of whatever claims you make as everyone should, New or Old Dem.

    Bob Bolmer

  5. Rebecca, the impression I got from the article was that the victim has been shot at that spot. It is possible that it was a close range shot that info not given.

    I still object to the ShotSpotter system; I believe we can a better bang for our dollar with different allocation of those funds/

  6. Hi Bob,

    History has shown us to be wary of those who claim to be holier then thou.

    Calling people names does not mean you are more right. When I was seven, I though so. But not anymore.

    I know you mean well and based on what you are being told, are doing your best. You want to believe what they are telling you. It is a good story.

    Unfortunately they cannot live up to their own promises. So they are not telling you.

    Further bad news for you is that there is a lot more where this came from. Maybe they will tell you?

    Having said that, I have sent to you what I meant to send you earlier: a copy of your New Democrat leaders' report that he signed and he filed with the state.

    This report, signed by Mapp himself and filed with the state of NJ which is where someone got it and sent it to me.

    Please let me know what part of that report, signed by Mapp you think is not true.