Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Two great speeches; the President' s State of the Union address and the Republican response. Agreed that they are dissonant but both make critical points that should be accepted by both parties.

The President's talk covered too many facets to analyses quickly, and I am not a paid pundit who must make a pronouncement within 24 hours. They also have the advantage of receiving a copy to study beforehand.

I do hope to write something in the days to come but don 't sit on the end of your seats. However, at this moment several things struck me as noteworthy; At times the President sounded like a "liberal Republican". He even in the discussion of reforms in Education sounding like Christie when he said we should reward the good teachers and get rid of the bad ones. That may be a crux to the failure to keep children inter ested in leaarning and school.

His remark that it should be mandatory for children to stay in school until age 18 doesn't solve the problem of educating those unwilling to learn. Our BOE's must provide the wherewithal that will create an atmosphere in which even the poorest studebt wil wish to learn. That also includes the teachers that provide a reason for schooling.

On another subject; Tax Reform he is right thatthe present system has mutated through loopholes into one that puts an abnormal hard burden on the middle class as well as the senior citizen living on retirement plans.

A simple graduated scale or even equal scale over all income levels including the billionaires is a must. One must note the income from government bonds should remain tax free in the political unit sponsoring them. Those bonds are essential for a government to work, and the incentive to invest in them with their low rater of return is the tax benefit. Likewise the existence of many of our nonprofit and cultural organizations is dependent on the ability to deduct contributions from gross income. That must be preserved. Federal aid to various business should be on an individual basis and free from political manipulations. Of course when that day comes and the two parties agree on anything related to taxes especially in an election year it will probably be the day the Mayan Calendar ends.

Finally for today; Governor Daniel's observation that no country or person can avoid financial disaster if they spend more than they earn. Bankruptcy does not work for nations and it impoverishes its citizens.

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  1. I think the Republicans will have a hard time arguing with some of the President's points and that idiot Neuter, did I misspell that, just digs deeper and deeper holes for someone else to get him out of.

    Bob Bolmer