Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Last night’s Council meeting with the exception of the CBAC report, a copy will be posted on line, was an exercise in “nothing".

Councilors Tolliver and Rivers did have their usual anti-administration tirades. Tolliver using the resolution authorizing the submission and acceptance of a Grant application to the New Jersey Historic Trust for a Proposed Feasibility Study for the preservation and rehabilitation of Firehouse #4 as the focus of why the repairs to the Central Ave Firehouse was not included. She noted that the Conditions had existed for over4 years but had not been addressed; disregarding the fact that that this was during the Robinson-Briggs Presidency. Despite assurances that there were already provisions in the present Capital Budget her volume of protest got louder and louder.

Rivers used the CBAC report to attack the Recreation Committee’s lack of funding for preschool summer programs with only 30 places capped at third grade being funded in the Rec. sponsored program. Disregarding the fact that there are many non-profit agencies and churches that have programs which receive grant or foundation money and do have “scholarships” for the needy, she spent about 30 minutes with her arguments. She also attacked a line item for a 10K increase in the Supervisor’s salary.

I do agree with George Gore’s remarks during the Public Comment Session that it should not be the function of Government to provide such entitlements but there has always been that of the public through churches and foundation supported programs to meet the needs. This is about the only one GOP position that I support. More later.


  1. When I was growing up us kids would just go outside and play. We had no idea we need to be part of a "program."

    1. Different world.Socialism with the gov't providing everything did not exist. We were not entitled to birth to grave care but had to provide for ourselves with the aid of our neighbors and peers, not by a bureaucracy. Yes e took care of ourselves and each other.

  2. Firehouse conditions are not the Mayors fault it soley rests on Tidwell and Riley the money is budgeted the repairs are not made. ms Toliver should look at chief's new office that was just renovated but the firehouse was not repaired.

  3. Ms. Toliver and Ms. Rivers should both take a class on Finance 101. Their surface, at best, knowledge of how finance and budgets work is eveident every time they open their mouths.