Friday, May 12, 2017

DC NEWS 5/12/2017

The kiss of death? The White House has announced that here are no plans to fire Sean Spicer the press secretary, although Spicer has been out of the briefing room since Tuesday after his post Comey firing fiasco press briefings including the hedge hiding episode.

Meantime Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been conducting the press conferences.

According to ThinkProgess;” A White House official told CNN that officials at the highest levels, including the president, are monitoring Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' performances as she substitutes for Spicer in the briefing room.

The perception, according to multiple sources inside and close to the White House, is that Spicer has been "benched" during a critical week, following the president's termination of FBI director James Comey. And the big question, one source said, is whether it's temporary or permanent.

Spicer isn't handling the daily press briefings from Wednesday to Friday while he is fulfilling his Navy Reserve duty at the Pentagon, which the White House says was previously scheduled. A source close to Spicer told CNN that President Trump personally gave him the OK to take leave, and said Spicer will be present at the White House Wednesday night after his duty is done for the day.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the daughter of Mike Huckabee, former presidential candidate and Arkansas governor. She is not related by marriage to Bernie Sanders but has been politically active in Arkansas and was an aid in Trump’s Presidential Campaign. The Sanders name comes from her husband, a political operative named Bryan Sanders, with whom she has three children. 

As of this moment there  have been five contradictory explanations from Trump about the reasons for the firing.

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