Friday, May 5, 2017


Update on ACHA (GOP Health Care) frm Washington Post
What’s the McArthur amendment, and who’s affected?
The amendment allows states to seek individual waivers from the ACA, which required everyone to purchase insurance (“individual mandate”). The theory is that removing sicker people from the markets and allowing policies with skimpier options would result in lower overall premiums.
That means if the new health law passes, the person who would be affected is someone who 1) lived in a state that sought a waiver, 2) had a lapse in health coverage for longer than two months, 3) had a preexisting condition, and 4) purchased insurance on the individual market (i.e., the health exchanges in Obamacare that currently serve about 18 million Americans).
A person who fell into this category would face insurance rates that could be based on their individual condition, for one year. After that, they would qualify for prices at the community rate, rather than based on their individual illness.

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