Friday, May 19, 2017


Tis the week that wuz “OMG”. To paraphrase Murphy; “if it could happen it would”

· Monday my router could not find my browser. After several reboots was OK this was happening frequently6 past week.

· A call to Verizon after 20 minute wait to be referred to a customer agent and having my router remotely checked I was informed it was defective and obsolete. A new router was being sent and would arrive Wednesday.

· Tuesday new router arrived late afternoon. Decided to wait until Thursday to have my Maven help hook up.

· Thursday effortless replacement but one hiccup; could not reconnect (wirelessly) my printer/ scanner to computer. Ultimately printer was connected but could not scan anything (function not connected)

· Friday 1 hour with FIOS trying to get scanner function operative plus 30 minutes with Epson agent without success. Finally he doesn’t know how the right computer link for scanner appeared on printer setup. Systems now go.

· Monday again; A Physician’s license had to be renewed only via internet; no paper (mail) applications were possible... Unable to do so after multiple tries on the weekend and Monday am. An am call to consumers affairs resulted after a 30 minute wait including an interruptive loud screeching plus a disconnect, in being told that (a) another doc had called with the same problem and it was being referred to IT. I should call back in an hour. (b)The representative could not do the renewal over the phone.

· About at least two attempts; later that afternoon I was able to renew my license. I am still legal’ although inactive; I cannot treat patients.

· Thursday I had a 10 am appointment with the “water-boarder” (periodontist dental cleaner). When I went back to my car I could not open my trunk to put my walker in. Neither the key fob button nor the manual release button would work.

· A trip to my service garage did not result in success. As I returned home I had a brain storm. It had to be heat related and I had my helper spray the trunk from the hose. Eureka it worked.

I had purchased a toothpaste dispenser which was obviously made in China as evidenced by the very clear installation instructions: I am still looking for a "button", but it works fine.

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