Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Last week’s frustrating annoying week has continued. At least some of it was humorous as evident by this tracking UPS notice for a package that I had no idea what I had ordered that was coming 2nd day Air.
(read up from, bottom)

Location    Date  Local Time  Activity
Bound Brook, NJ, United States      05/23/2017         4:17 A.M. Out For Delivery
        05/23/2017         4:08 A.M.   Destination Scan
Newark, NJ, United States     05/22/2017         10:48 P.M.         Departure Scan
        05/22/2017         8:19 P.M.   Arrival Scan
Louisville, KY, United States 05/22/2017         6:32 P.M.         Departure Scan
        05/22/2017         10:43 A.M. Arrival Scan
Newark, NJ, United States     05/22/2017         8:28 A.M.         Departure Scan
        05/22/2017         3:12 A.M.   Arrival Scan
Monroe Township, NJ, United States       05/21/2017         10:15 P.M. Departure Scan

Well the package that was delivered about 2pm turned out to be    another “blue proxy card” from the group seeking to replace four management proposed (“white proxy card”) directors for the ARCONITE board.

About every day for the past month I would receive a “priority mail” envelope with either a white or blue pr4oxy card.
It has been a bitter fight and the meeting is next week. However, according to today’s WSJ the proxy question is moot since the present board has agreed to seat 3 of the opposition proposed directors and one of their own choice. The activists have won this fight.  

What perplexes me is why a package originating in NJ (MonroeTownship) was sent from Newark to Louisville and back to Newark. Perhaps Congress also runs (?) UPS. 

Rather than commenting today on the upcoming Primary, or the President’s trip or the DC circus with Flynn stating that he will plea the 5th Amendment at any hearing; I have a slew of cartoons that speak for themselves:

A final note of "what can go bad will go bad" also known as Murphy's Law: this weekend my outside garage door keypad died. New batteries  did not help. However the remote opener and my car's remote still work.

Oh yes, My calendar and appointment card  noted that I had a doctor's appointment, a social visit, this am. When I got there on time I was informed that he was away and that my appointment had been changed to June 5th.  Despite their claim that I had been notified; I must had never received any message since I already had a scheduled important Dr's visit on that date and would have posted a corrected date.  

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