Tuesday, May 9, 2017


As expected, last night’s meeting was short and slam bam except for Rivers and Tolliver’s no vote on the Budget. River did give an explanation immediately after the vote was taken. When Tolliver belatedly tried to comment Council President Williams cut her off and told her she was now out of order and could make her comments when the Councilors had their moment at the meetings end.

The budget was accepted with an amendment to add $425377.20 in Grant funds.

Rivers and Tolliver continued to harper on the 11K salary increase (to the Superintendent of Recreation) as the overseer of the Senior Center. Smiley note that there was an Administrative change for efficiency and the Senior Center director now reported to Recreation not to the Director of Administration and Finances, The increase in salary was for Recreations extra workload. It should be noted that ever since her appointment Rivers and Tolliver have attacked the functioning of Recreation.

Tolliver also questioned again the 10K reserve fund in the budget.

Rivers continued her harangues about the Senior Center during the Councilors’ comment session refusing to yield the mike to President Williams and talking over her comments about Robert’s Rules and The President’s right to terminate discussion.

At that point Williams called for an adjournment vote which passed.

In the public comment period two speakers questioned the changes in procedures at the Senior Center. They remarked that supplies were late in coming, and that attendance had dropped off. An example was that where there used to be a 100 for the lunches there were now about 60. Other programs had seemed to have the same decrease in attendance.

Public Works Director Dabney’s response to a question why some road projects were awarded through the Morris County Co OPT and others via bidding through the City Engineer was not satisfactory. He claimed that the Copts contractors did only milling and repavements whereas the other contractors were responsible for curb and other pavements.

The next meeting is in June and after the primary election. It is possible that there will no longer be need for a vocal public advocate.

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