Saturday, February 22, 2014


Once again it is the weekend and because people have better things to do then read blogs this will do for today and tomorrow unless there is an outstanding unexpected event that demands recognition
In passing, and this has nothing to do with the present series of health care document that I am posting, Friday’s Times carried a story regarding the fact that entities in the public sector are strictly limiting the hours including overtime of part time workers in order to avoid having to provide health insurance. This includes municipalities, county and state government and agencies as well as independent authorities.
This along with the now postponed reaction from the private sector illustrates how badly the ACA planners considered the full impact of the legislation.

Since it has been reported that the Democrat party leadership has advised those running for reelection in problematic states to disassociate themselves from the Act.

The law is here to stay, however there will be major revisions. The question is if they will be before or when the new congress convenes.

As expected it appears that we stand an overwhelming prospect of losing Eric Jackson Director of Public Works etc., the one outstanding appointment of the previous administration. Eric has received the support of Trenton’s clergy for his Mayor’s bid. I hate to wish it, but best of luck, Eric.
Upcoming this weekend is #94 and Dawg. More Monday

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