Friday, February 21, 2014


Too many distractions Thursday and the intended blog was never started. Worse yet an explanation  story became too wordy to complete. I expect that it will be up by noon time.

Yes two more days an the Olympics will be over; they have been only a small part of the distractions. 

In 10 days the long awaited direct train to Penn Station will begin on a restricted schedule. It reminds me of the time when I was a commuter. 

When I was separated  from the Army in Jan 46; I had enough leave time to  e discharged  at the end of February, I realized that I had been away from real doctoring for two years and since there were no residencies available then I took advantage of the government's  veteran's education program and took a three month refresher course at Mt.Siani. That meant pecking(I did not notice that the computer thought that this was what I meant not "picking") up a early train at the Grant Ave Station, taking the ferry to New York from the Jersey City Terminal and walking to the Chamber Street IRT station for a 20-30 minute ride uptown. In the late afternoon the trip was reversed. 
Also in two days #94 plus a DAWG day. 

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