Wednesday, February 5, 2014


With our local snow scape and the Olympics two days away; you might find of interest  these scenes in the post-Stalin era, summertime mid 60s,  of Sochi the site of this year's Winter Olympics.
 The Caucasus Mountains and a tea plantation near Sochi.

Those are Tea Trees in rows

The beach at Sochi
It is stone not sand. 
The government supplied the vacation.


The people were cautious but many wanted to talk with us.  The ship was the Viking Star one of the largest cruise ships of that time; carried several hundred passengers. This was the first time a "Western" cruise ship had visited a port on the Eastern Black Sea.

DAWG is a'commin.


  1. interesting beach... were the rocks smooth like river or stream rocks?

  2. 11:23 Glad you asked. Wait and see.

  3. 11:23 Glad you asked. Wait and see.

  4. Rob. The stones are smooth and round having had eons of washing by the seas. We here are lucky with our sandy beaches but many of the famous European beaches such as the Riviera as seen at Nice are stony.