Monday, February 17, 2014


February 17th has always been a special day for me since it was my wife’s birthday and is my great-grandson Jake’s birthday;#5.

This year this Monday we are celebrating “Honest Abe’s” and “I cannot tell a lie” George’s birthdays. If only today we could have politicians who could merit or even aspire to similar sobriquets. A hopeless thought.

Just as depressing is the call for more snow tonight; unfortunately labeled “wet snow” on top of the stuff on roofs. Sure we have been told to clean our roofs but how many are safely accessible even for those who are agile enough to climb a ladder.

In parts of Europe and up north in the States where the population origins were in the European snowier areas the roofs not only are a steeper pitch than we are accustomed, but also have built in “ladders” on the roofs plus some internal access.

I must compliment Public works for responding to my (?) belated pothole call about the tire/axle breaker on Leland just south of 7th. St. in time to fill it after dark before the first of this series of storms. Fills under these circumstances do not last and will still soon need a hot patch repair.

I have promised an ACA and elated subject update but find it to be too disheartening to get far into an essay. It is still on the books but the problem is much more than the ACA which has only compounded the deterioration of readily acceptable universal care.

A common example happened to me a week ago when due to a pending storm I cancelled an “eye” (with the doctor) appointment. The next available date to reschedule was five weeks away.

OH there is some upbeat moments ahead; starting late Tuesday there will be about five days of 40/50 degree weather. With street drains blocked, iced in gutters and the heavy snow pack on the ground there will be local flooding’s or water damages.

Never the less we should not complain too much.  Japan is having the worst snow storms in its history. England is being buffered by winds, extraordinary high waves, and flooding not only along the coasts but along all rivers. 

The Gods have frowned on Putin with 60% temperatures in Sochi just what is needed for  winter games. But remember Sochi is an Oceanside town and the warmth of the Black Sea makes it a resort. The "alpine" games are in the nearby foothills and mountains of the Caucasus  . Our equivalent would be the Sierra Nevadas and  Los Angeles. 

A week from today or perhaps sooner will be DAWG day; keep watching.

Dawg is a'commin

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