Monday, February 10, 2014


Not an earthshaking storm Sunday night but at least 2” of snow on top of the residual snow/ice packs that are still covering all access from street to sidewalk. That and some icy roads will make it hazardous driving to Monday night's Council meetings.
My attendance at those meetings will depend on the degree of parking availability around the Court House and the general road conditions. Sunday night the City issued a warning about dangerous icy pavements. Above all I don’t bounce as well as I used to.

I was happy to note that Bernice in a weekend posting of Plaintalker II wrote about the CDBG grant application for program year 40 (FY 2014/2015).

I had not mentioned it in my blog this past week aside from these brief comments in last Monday’s blog about the Community Development Block Grants from the County:
“#P: a Contract with “Community Consultants LLC, for the “provision of housing rehabilitation services for the Community Development Block Grant Year 39 (FY2013-2014)." This is for 11 houses and I believe that it is for supervisory services. Once again, should not this have been approved in 2013? Also there is no record of any competitive bidding on this $49,500.00 program “

And finally #Q authorizing the submission of the Community Development Block Grant Program Year 40 (FY 2014-2015) Funding Priorities. What does that mean; at least there is an application being submitted in time, I hope.”

My intention had been to write about them today but I think Bernice has provided enough detail for us to be concerned.
I could not find any reference to grant applications in the Division of Community Development for Program year 40. There is posted on the site a Public Notice “Program Year 39 Community Development Block Grant Program” with mention of an Oct.2012 date.

It seems possible that Director Restaino with his many other hats may have let that grant program as did many other grant programs  in the  last administration slip through the cracks. Do we have any accounting of what monies were obtained  from the grant and how they were allocated? Will our auditors document that information?

Two final comments; (1) has the new administration designated an individual responsible for seeking, writing and monitoring grants? (2)What are the odds that at least one Councilor has no idea about the scope ($2,629,893.15) of this belated grant application?

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