Sunday, February 2, 2014


Weekends are not conducive to Blog watching and certainly this Super Bowl weekend will probably be one such weekend.

If and when I write a report on Monday’s agenda I will post it. It will be up at the latest early Monday morning. There is so much meat in that agenda that I will urge all to attend the meeting provided that we are not in the midst of a 2 to 4 inch snow storm which has been the latest threat.

Friday night from 10:30 to 12 I again watched Thirteen’s tribute to Pete Seegger, I had viewed it the night before as a serendipitous happening on the computer; where there were too many interruptions for the streaming to catch up.

I thought struck me; since we do have a musical interlude at every Council meeting would it not be great if Dottie G. with her tremendous trove of labor songs could also entertain us.

With up to 6'' inches of all day snow predicated for Monday in the area although we may be in the 2-4" area, I hope there is a backup plan for Monday night's meeting.

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